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dream Dream: Thursday 02 June 2016 07:00

Indian Food

Tags: Bob Steph Yu Lee

Me and Yu Lee were with Bob and Steph and were going our for Indian food. We left our house and went into a restaurant called the Maharajah, which was only a couple of metres from my house. We sat down and looked at the menu, but decided that we didn't like it and immediately left.

Next we walked a bit further to another Indian restaurant and again got a table.

We decided that we would only stay for starters in this restaurant, and then would head into town and find another restaurant for main course. We ordered some starters, and in this particular restaurant they always give a free salad along with the starters.

We ate our starters and our salads and all had a drink, and when the waiting staff came to take our order for main course we told them that we were still eating. We hung out for a bit and then decided it was time to leave, but by this time the staff seemed to have forgotten us.

After a while, the others became impatient and started to loudly say things like "They obviously don't care, maybe we should just walk out without paying." The staff obviously heard this because soon after a waiter came over with the bill.

I offered to pay the bill and the others headed outside. The bill was for £11.00 (pretty cheap!) and I took out my wallet and rummaged around for some money. I handed over some money, but then I realised that I had given him some Euro notes, so I took them back and found a £5 note in my wallet. I fished around for some change and handed it over.

I was talking to the waiter the whole time, and he thought it was weird that we'd only had starters, and that maybe we'd left because we were annoyed about the service. I told him that this wasn't the case, and that we'd planned to have starters here and then head into town for the rest. I also told him I understood how we were taking a long time, and how it's easy to forget about a table when they keep telling you to come back later.

The waiter took the money off of me and said "thank you." I then gave him another pound coin and said "As we're not staying for a full meal, this is for the salad."

When I got outside of the restaurant, the others had already walked off. I was annoyed that they were so impatient, and headed towards town as I assumed this was the direction they would have walked in.

dream Dream: Saturday 21 February 2015 05:57


Tags: Bob

I really don't remember a lot of details of this dream at all.

I was at my mum's old house at York Avenue. I don't remember seeing my mum in the dream at all, but Bob was there. For some reason we had a long discussion about moving our stuff out of the house, and the conclusion of our conversation was that we would pack all of our stuff up into boxes and put them into storage.

Later I get a load of boxes and start packing my things up, and I also pack a lot of things that were both of ours. Bob comes downstairs and sees my putting things in boxes and gets very angry with me, and says that I'd agreed that we would put our stuff into storage in a couple of weeks' time. I tell him that the place is a mess and I just want to get on and do it but he is really angry.

That's all I remember.

dream Dream: Tuesday 27 January 2015 14:21

Sex at Bob and Steph's

Tags: Bob Steph Yu Lee

Yu Lee and I are at Bob and Steph's house, visiting them, and there are a couple of other people there too. I'm not sure how the conversation gets onto it but we are talking about sex. I don't remember much of the conversation, but I remember Bob telling me some very personal things about their sex life.

After talking for a while Yu Lee and I go upstairs to the bedroom that we are staying in so that we can put our stuff away. For some reason, Yu Lee decides that now would be a good time to have sex, so we get undressed and get into the bed. Yu Lee is being really loud, talking loudly and bouncing around on the bed. I tell her to be a bit more discreet and she says that the others won't mind as we were just talking about it.

I am totally not in the mood as I'm busy trying to get her to be quiet. We never actually have sex in the end.

dream Dream: Tuesday 13 January 2015 15:04

Technology Fair

Tags: Bob

A lot of this dream is very vague, but I want to improve my recall so I really need to start writing down everything that I can remember.

This dream definitely featured a computer game that had characters from other games. I was really excited about it when I found the character list because a lot of the characters were from Final Fantasy games, especially Final Fantasy VII. The characters that they'd chosen we also quite interesting because in addition to the main characters (Aeris was definitely there) they also chose some obscure boss monsters from various Final Fantasy games.

The main part of the dream that I remember was the end. I was at some kind of technology fair with Bob. It was outside in a field, and there were lots of stalls set up, demoing all sorts of interesting technology.

Me and Bob had decided that there were 2 stalls that we really wanted to see. I don't remember what the first one was, but the second one had something to do with firearms.

We had just looked at the first stall we were really interested in, and were just leaving to head to the firearms stall when all of a sudden there was a power cut and all of the equipment shut down. The crowd all let out a dejected "Aaaawwwww" at the same time, and then everyone started to wander off.

We decided to walk in the general direction of the firearms stall, and as we were walking we heard some people talking to each other, saying "They should have known this was going to happen. They knew the attractions were going to pull more electricity than last year."

As we walked past the firearms stall, all of a sudden the power came back on and everything lit up again. The guy at the stall leaned over and asked if we would like to have a go, and we said "Yes."

The man handed Bob a revolver, and told him to shoot it into a little metal box. The metal box had a very small square opening, and a mass of electrical cables going into the back of it. Inside the opening we could see what looked like a glowing pink gel.

He explained to us that this machine used a lot of electricity and might be what caused the power to go out. He told Bob to fire a bullet into the hole, and the machine would catch the bullet, and we could retrieve it afterwards and it would not be damaged. Bob fired a bullet straight into the hole and the man pulled it out afterwards.

Bob looked at me and asked me if I wanted a go, and I was surprised that he only wanted to fire one shot, but he clearly felt like people were waiting and he didn't want to hold up the queue. He handed the pistol to me and I took aim, and then... I woke up!

dream Dream: Monday 08 December 2014 07:31

Dijon Chicken

In my dream, I had invited Mum, Richard, Bob and Steph over for dinner after work on Friday. It was summer, and we were going to sit outside in the sun and have a few drinks and something to eat. For dinner I'd planned to make chicken in a Dijon mustard sauce, fried tomatoes and salad.

I'd spoken to mum on the phone that day, and then she was the first to arrive. I was dishing out the food but Mum was the only one who'd turned up at that point. Mum said Richard would be there soon but I hadn't heard anything from Bob and Steph, so I sent Bob a text message saying "Where are you?"

A little while later we managed to get hold of Richard on the phone and he seemed to be a bit confused and for some reason thought that we were due to be meeting up the next day. All of a sudden Mum realised the problem and said "It's only Thursday today!" It turned out that I had lost track of the day and thought it was Friday already, and because I was on the phone to Mum earlier she thought it was Friday too.

Richard told me that he would be over soon, and I texted Bob and said "Don't worry, I got the day wrong. See you tomorrow."

A while later Richard still hadn't turned up and I was getting stressed because the food was already dished up and going cold. Me and Mum were trying to work out the best way to heat it all up again as it had loads of salad on the plates, so I couldn't just put the whole thing in the microwave. We decided it would be best to take the fried tomato and chicken off of the plate, microwave it, and transfer it back onto the plate.

As we started to move things off of the plates Richard turned up. I told him what we were doing and he said "I would just leave the chicken cold if I were you." He told me that Dijon chicken is normally served cold as it is mayonnaise-based, but I told him that this was a special recipe and was different. I asked him to taste it so he got a spoon and tasted a little bit of the chicken. He said "it's fine," and I put the plates of food back on the table as they were.

dream Dream: Tuesday 19 August 2014 05:44


I dreamt that my mum, Richard (my step-dad), Bob (my brother) and Steph (his girlfriend) were all staying over at our house. In my dream we had the same spare rooms as real life, one with a double bed and another with a single bed, but that we also had a second double bed in our bedroom. Mum and Richard went to bed ahead of us in the spare room with the double bed, and the rest of us were sleeping in our room.

As we were getting ready for bed I asked Yu Lee if she wanted to sleep in the other spare room with the single bed, so that we could have some more privacy and she sounded up for it, but then we got into our bed and when I asked her again she'd changed her mind.

We all laid in bed for a while and were whispering to each other. I was explaining to Bob how I'd slept loads the previous day and wasn't expecting to sleep much that night, and that I'd probably have to get up in a minute. I told him that the night before last I'd slept for 9 hours, then I slept for 2 hours in the day afterwards for my nap. Then last night I didn't sleep as much, and it took me a while to fall asleep, and then I woke up pretty much every hour because I wasn't that tired. This is exactly how the night has been for me today, and what I was telling Bob is how the past couple of days have been in real life.

All of a sudden Steph joined in the conversation, but instead of whispering she was shouting at the top of her lungs! We told her to whisper or at least talk quietly, but for the rest of the dream, every time she opened her mouth she would shout and we would tell her to be quiet.

dream Dream: Wednesday 23 July 2014 05:02

Steam-Toasted Steak and Cheese Sandwich

Tags: Bob

I'm not 100% sure how the situation came about, but me and my brother are together, and we have some steak that we need to cook. I tell him the best thing to do with this is to make it into a steak and cheese sandwich.

The first part of the procedure is to get a saucepan, fill it up with water, and balance two chopsticks across the top of it in a cross. Then you put a steak and cheese sandwich on top of it. I'm not sure if the sandwich was already toasted, or if it toasted over the steaming pan, but by the end of the dream mine is definitely toasted!

My sandwich is cooking away nicely, but Bob is having some trouble with his, in fact he can't even seem to get his ring on the stove to light properly. I go over and help him, and he keeps trying to light the stove, but either only one side will light, or the flames are really weird, or a different ring on the stove ends up getting lit instead.

I keep going back and forth between my pan and his, and my sandwich is pretty much done now. "Just another minute," I think.

Bob is still having trouble, but now his hair is catching fire, so I go over and try to put it out, but every time I put it out another bit of his hair catches on fire. He has longish, dyed blond hair (like when he died his hair when we were kids) and it now has a couple of black singed patches in it.

I get his hair to go out and go back over to my pan, and my sandwich has fallen off of the chopsticks and into the water whilst I was distracted! My sandwich was absolutely perfect before, but now it is ruined!

dream Dream: Saturday 14 June 2014 07:18

The Policeman's Ball

Tags: Bob Yu Lee

Me, Bob and Yu Lee are staying at a hotel somewhere. It's the evening, and I suggest we should go out and find somewhere that we can have a drink, so we leave the hotel and walk along the main road, but there don't seem to be any pubs around.

We walk past a police station, and one of the others points at it and says "We can go to the Policeman's Ball!"

We walk up to the police station, and no one seems to be around but the doors are open. We go inside and walk down the corridor. We can hear the music inside and I'm sure the party is just around the corner. I ask Bob "Are we allowed to just walk in here and join the party?" and he says that we aren't supposed to be here because we don't work here.

I become nervous and tell the others we should leave. As we are walking out of the police station, someone sees us and approaches us, so we pretend to be prisoners that have just been released. The person we are talking to is obviously an off-duty policeman, but we somehow convince him that we are just prisoners on our way out of the station and he lets us go.

When we're back outside we decide to head back to the hotel. I tell the others that I'm hungry and they say they will cook some "nice mac 'n' cheese" when we get home. I tell them that I'm not eating that!

dream Dream: Monday 02 June 2014 13:31

Collecting my Shoes

I'm at home with Yu Lee and Bob, and I also have a room at Cambridge University. For some reason I need some trainers that I've left at the university halls, so the three of us walk there to get them.

We walk there from my house and it takes us a couple of minutes to get to the university grounds. Once inside the grounds it seems a bit like a medieval town with narrow streets, houses and shops with wooden beams in the front of them and lots of people everywhere. I say that I don't know the way, and Yu Lee says it's easy: "Go all the way to the end, then follow the sign for Mesquite Hall, then turn right about half way down the street."

We walk right to the end, and sure enough there is a big white sign with red letters that says "Mesquite Hall" with an arrow pointing to the right. We turn right and follow the street, and there is a single turn off on the right hand side that cuts in between the buildings. A few steps down this road is the entrance to the halls.

Once inside we go to my room and retrieve the trainers. I decide that I might as well wear them, so I take off my shoes and put the trainers on, and then we realise that the clothes I want to wear are here too so I take them back off again and change my clothes.

Once I've finished getting dressed we leave the university and head for home, but when we're just about to leave the campus I realise I've forgotten something in my room. "Hang on a second guys, I've forgotten my shoes!"

I look down at my feet and realise I've been walking through the streets with bare feet.

I tell the others to go back home and that I will meet them there, and then work my way back to the university room. I didn't remember the way there straight away, but first I saw the sign to "Mesquite Hall", and then the cut through on the right and soon enough I was at the university room.

I put on my socks and shoes, but then I thought that I might as well pick up a few other things. Most of the stuff seemed to have a survival theme, and I remember a pocket knife and snow-shoes being amongst the things I was collecting. Every time I thought of something I'd go to collect it and then leave, but then realise that I'd put something else down or forgotten something else.

It felt like I was in the room for a long time, trying to gather all of my things, and when I left the room I definitely had quite a lot of stuff on me. As soon as I came outside I saw someone who looked very much like Jason Walters from my old work, wearing a suit and approaching people, saying something to them and then walking off. As he got closer I could hear that he was saying something like "Do you want me to punch you in the mouth sir?"

I remember putting my hand in my right pocket and feeling for my knife. Each time he approached someone he would say the same phrase to them, and then wait just long enough for them to feel intimidated and show it on their face, when he'd suddenly smile and move on. I thought if he comes near me I'll stab him.

I watched him come down the road towards me, but then when he got close to me he crossed the road and walked towards the entrance to the halls where my room was and went inside.

Then I woke up.

dream Dream: Saturday 24 May 2014 05:54


Tags: Bob

I don't remember a great deal of detail of this dream, but I'm pretty sure that my little brother and his friends had accidentally killed someone, and I helped them dispose of the body. They were panicking, but I helped them cut the body up into pieces and put it in air tight containers, inside plastic bags, and I'm pretty sure I hid it in Cambridge Science Park.

The other part of my dream that I remember is talking to them and saying "If I have to move out of my house I will buy my own house in Maidenhead." I don't remember the context of this at all.