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dream Dream: Monday 01 March 2021 08:43

Hanging at 35 York Avenue

I dreamt me and Yu Lee were living at my childhood home in Slough, and Mum and Richard were visiting us. For some reason we were all in the shed at the bottom of the garden.

It was time to go back to the house so we made our way up the garden path, but Richard said he wanted to stay behind and to go on without him, presumably so that he could have a cigarette.

A little while later Yu Lee and Mum were in the living room talking and I was in the kitchen. I was thinking that Richard had been a while and I looked out of the window, into the shed window. I suddenly realised I could see Richard's legs dangling in front of the window and that had hung himself!

I shouted to the others to come quickly and ran up the garden to the shed. I went inside I grabbed hold of his legs to try to relieve the tension on his neck. That was the last thing I remember before waking up.

dream Dream: Friday 31 August 2018 15:02

Richard is Ill

Tags: Mum Richard

I dreamt that my stepdad, Richard, had been diagnosed with cancer, and my mum was caring for him. I remember one segment of the dream immediately before I woke up.

In my dream, Mum and Richard lived in a much larger, grander house than they do in real life. There was a mezzanine floor above my mum's bedroom and I was standing on it, leaning over the railing, looking down at my mum's bed.

The bed was made with completely white sheets, and they were wet and yellowed. My mum was stripping off the old bed sheets and putting on new ones.

A little later I was speaking with my mum, and she told me how she had tried to put Richard on the bed, but his leg had gotten tangled round a telephone cord and it had been very awkward. Just as she was about to get him properly on the bed he had wet himself. After that he'd gone off for some kind of treatment.

dream Dream: Monday 08 December 2014 07:31

Dijon Chicken

In my dream, I had invited Mum, Richard, Bob and Steph over for dinner after work on Friday. It was summer, and we were going to sit outside in the sun and have a few drinks and something to eat. For dinner I'd planned to make chicken in a Dijon mustard sauce, fried tomatoes and salad.

I'd spoken to mum on the phone that day, and then she was the first to arrive. I was dishing out the food but Mum was the only one who'd turned up at that point. Mum said Richard would be there soon but I hadn't heard anything from Bob and Steph, so I sent Bob a text message saying "Where are you?"

A little while later we managed to get hold of Richard on the phone and he seemed to be a bit confused and for some reason thought that we were due to be meeting up the next day. All of a sudden Mum realised the problem and said "It's only Thursday today!" It turned out that I had lost track of the day and thought it was Friday already, and because I was on the phone to Mum earlier she thought it was Friday too.

Richard told me that he would be over soon, and I texted Bob and said "Don't worry, I got the day wrong. See you tomorrow."

A while later Richard still hadn't turned up and I was getting stressed because the food was already dished up and going cold. Me and Mum were trying to work out the best way to heat it all up again as it had loads of salad on the plates, so I couldn't just put the whole thing in the microwave. We decided it would be best to take the fried tomato and chicken off of the plate, microwave it, and transfer it back onto the plate.

As we started to move things off of the plates Richard turned up. I told him what we were doing and he said "I would just leave the chicken cold if I were you." He told me that Dijon chicken is normally served cold as it is mayonnaise-based, but I told him that this was a special recipe and was different. I asked him to taste it so he got a spoon and tasted a little bit of the chicken. He said "it's fine," and I put the plates of food back on the table as they were.

dream Dream: Tuesday 19 August 2014 05:44


I dreamt that my mum, Richard (my step-dad), Bob (my brother) and Steph (his girlfriend) were all staying over at our house. In my dream we had the same spare rooms as real life, one with a double bed and another with a single bed, but that we also had a second double bed in our bedroom. Mum and Richard went to bed ahead of us in the spare room with the double bed, and the rest of us were sleeping in our room.

As we were getting ready for bed I asked Yu Lee if she wanted to sleep in the other spare room with the single bed, so that we could have some more privacy and she sounded up for it, but then we got into our bed and when I asked her again she'd changed her mind.

We all laid in bed for a while and were whispering to each other. I was explaining to Bob how I'd slept loads the previous day and wasn't expecting to sleep much that night, and that I'd probably have to get up in a minute. I told him that the night before last I'd slept for 9 hours, then I slept for 2 hours in the day afterwards for my nap. Then last night I didn't sleep as much, and it took me a while to fall asleep, and then I woke up pretty much every hour because I wasn't that tired. This is exactly how the night has been for me today, and what I was telling Bob is how the past couple of days have been in real life.

All of a sudden Steph joined in the conversation, but instead of whispering she was shouting at the top of her lungs! We told her to whisper or at least talk quietly, but for the rest of the dream, every time she opened her mouth she would shout and we would tell her to be quiet.

dream Dream: Thursday 05 June 2014 15:06

Mum's Neighbours

This dream has some pretty vague bits in it, and I think there was a fair bit of dream logic going on here.

We are at our house, and my mum and step-dad are here. I think there were a load of other people here too, because me and Yu Lee had just gotten married, but the wedding wasn't actually in the dream. The point where my recollection of the dream starts is just after the wedding.

I'm talking to Mum, and she tells me that she has to dash off because they have to move out of their house in a couple of days. She explains that their neighbour has decided to sell it, so they have to move out. It's not clear in the dream whether her neighbour actually owns the house and is renting to them, or if something else is happening. This is the dream logic I was talking about.

I'm talking very passionately to Mum, saying she should do this and that so that she doesn't have to move. I'm pretty sure I was telling her to call them up and make threats to trash the place. "Tell him if he still wants a house to sell he needs to give you more time."

My mum goes off and I'm left all alone in the house (it seems Yu Lee went somewhere too). The house is a totally different house to any house I remember from real life, but looking out the back it has the same garden as my childhood home in Slough. I can see the large brick-built workshop at the bottom of the garden, and the double doors are right open. You can see all of our stuff inside (which looks like stuff you would normally have in the house) just sitting there in the middle of the workshop.

I walk outside to go and lock up, and think to myself that it was really stupid to leave all of that stuff there with the doors wide open. As I arrive at the bottom of the garden I see my wallet laying on the floor. I remember the image of my wallet very vividly: the clasp that holds it shut was open, but the wallet was still closed, and there was a streak of sand on it and it looked very dirty. It was laying on the middle step leading down from the path to the sunken area of the garden where the workshop was.

When I see my wallet, my first instinct is to put my hand in my pocket and feel for my keys and phone, but they are not in my trousers either. I start locking up and gather my phone, keys etc. and put them in my pocket.

Just as I finish locking up I notice some people coming down the path. They are a couple, and I was really focussing on the man who was about my mum's age and dressed in trousers and a thin sweater with a shirt underneath, and looked a little bit posh. When he opened his mouth to talk to me he sounded extremely pompous and not very likeable, speaking a bit like Douglas Reynholm from the IT Crowd. I realised that he was my mum's neighbour, and although we'd never met before he acted a lot like he knew me.

I was half talking to him and half finishing locking up, but the bit that caught my attention was when he started talking about the house sale.

"I'm selling one of my houses, Steve. It's been a really quick sale, and we haven't spent any money to sell it. Have you ever sold a house quickly with no money, Steve?"

He seemed to be boasting about it and I thought he seemed like an arrogant prick.

They left, and I was on my own again, so I walked back up the side of the house and in through the front door, and then I realised he was in my house. Yu Lee was also in the house now (maybe she was there all along). My mum's neighbour was looking at the plastering around the front door.

"Tell me about this plastering Steve. It looks good, but I know it wasn't done by a professional plasterer."

I told him that my dad did it, and it was very thermally efficient. He asked me how the house was heated and I told him that the radiator was in the front room and pointed towards it.

At that point Yu Lee started to explain the plastering. "When he plastered it, he opened up the plaster and poured in a load of hot potatoes at the end. That's why it keeps the heat in so well."

My mum's neighbour seemed satisfied by this explanation and actually seemed quite impressed. He left through the front door and I woke up.

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