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dream Dream: Monday 02 June 2014 13:31

Collecting my Shoes

I'm at home with Yu Lee and Bob, and I also have a room at Cambridge University. For some reason I need some trainers that I've left at the university halls, so the three of us walk there to get them.

We walk there from my house and it takes us a couple of minutes to get to the university grounds. Once inside the grounds it seems a bit like a medieval town with narrow streets, houses and shops with wooden beams in the front of them and lots of people everywhere. I say that I don't know the way, and Yu Lee says it's easy: "Go all the way to the end, then follow the sign for Mesquite Hall, then turn right about half way down the street."

We walk right to the end, and sure enough there is a big white sign with red letters that says "Mesquite Hall" with an arrow pointing to the right. We turn right and follow the street, and there is a single turn off on the right hand side that cuts in between the buildings. A few steps down this road is the entrance to the halls.

Once inside we go to my room and retrieve the trainers. I decide that I might as well wear them, so I take off my shoes and put the trainers on, and then we realise that the clothes I want to wear are here too so I take them back off again and change my clothes.

Once I've finished getting dressed we leave the university and head for home, but when we're just about to leave the campus I realise I've forgotten something in my room. "Hang on a second guys, I've forgotten my shoes!"

I look down at my feet and realise I've been walking through the streets with bare feet.

I tell the others to go back home and that I will meet them there, and then work my way back to the university room. I didn't remember the way there straight away, but first I saw the sign to "Mesquite Hall", and then the cut through on the right and soon enough I was at the university room.

I put on my socks and shoes, but then I thought that I might as well pick up a few other things. Most of the stuff seemed to have a survival theme, and I remember a pocket knife and snow-shoes being amongst the things I was collecting. Every time I thought of something I'd go to collect it and then leave, but then realise that I'd put something else down or forgotten something else.

It felt like I was in the room for a long time, trying to gather all of my things, and when I left the room I definitely had quite a lot of stuff on me. As soon as I came outside I saw someone who looked very much like Jason Walters from my old work, wearing a suit and approaching people, saying something to them and then walking off. As he got closer I could hear that he was saying something like "Do you want me to punch you in the mouth sir?"

I remember putting my hand in my right pocket and feeling for my knife. Each time he approached someone he would say the same phrase to them, and then wait just long enough for them to feel intimidated and show it on their face, when he'd suddenly smile and move on. I thought if he comes near me I'll stab him.

I watched him come down the road towards me, but then when he got close to me he crossed the road and walked towards the entrance to the halls where my room was and went inside.

Then I woke up.

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