dream Dream: Monday 08 December 2014 07:31

Dijon Chicken

In my dream, I had invited Mum, Richard, Bob and Steph over for dinner after work on Friday. It was summer, and we were going to sit outside in the sun and have a few drinks and something to eat. For dinner I'd planned to make chicken in a Dijon mustard sauce, fried tomatoes and salad.

I'd spoken to mum on the phone that day, and then she was the first to arrive. I was dishing out the food but Mum was the only one who'd turned up at that point. Mum said Richard would be there soon but I hadn't heard anything from Bob and Steph, so I sent Bob a text message saying "Where are you?"

A little while later we managed to get hold of Richard on the phone and he seemed to be a bit confused and for some reason thought that we were due to be meeting up the next day. All of a sudden Mum realised the problem and said "It's only Thursday today!" It turned out that I had lost track of the day and thought it was Friday already, and because I was on the phone to Mum earlier she thought it was Friday too.

Richard told me that he would be over soon, and I texted Bob and said "Don't worry, I got the day wrong. See you tomorrow."

A while later Richard still hadn't turned up and I was getting stressed because the food was already dished up and going cold. Me and Mum were trying to work out the best way to heat it all up again as it had loads of salad on the plates, so I couldn't just put the whole thing in the microwave. We decided it would be best to take the fried tomato and chicken off of the plate, microwave it, and transfer it back onto the plate.

As we started to move things off of the plates Richard turned up. I told him what we were doing and he said "I would just leave the chicken cold if I were you." He told me that Dijon chicken is normally served cold as it is mayonnaise-based, but I told him that this was a special recipe and was different. I asked him to taste it so he got a spoon and tasted a little bit of the chicken. He said "it's fine," and I put the plates of food back on the table as they were.

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