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dream Dream: Wednesday 09 March 2022 12:00

Walking on Water

Lucid Dream (L3)

In real life I had my first Muay Thai lesson scheduled for the afternoon, which I had arranged a couple of days ago.

In my dream it was the middle of the day and I checked the time as I new my lesson was coming up. When I looked at the time on my phone it said 11:45pm, which I knew wasn't right because I'd only been awake a few hours. I checked the time on something else and it had a different time and I also had a wrist watch on which said another different time.

I decided to call my teacher but the call was confusing and he didn't seem to know what time it was either. I asked Yu Lee to check the time on her phone and she kept messing about with it but couldn't get the time to show up.

My memory of the dream is a little hazy, but at some point I realised that it was really weird how no one could tell me the time, and I guessed that I might be dreaming. I tried to levitate off of the ground but the results were inconclusive.

Somehow I ended up outside and I decided the best way to test if I was dreaming would be to run really fast into the river and see if I could run across the surface of the water. I gave it a go and I did manage to run across the surface, so I concluded I must be dreaming!

In retrospect, what a stupid way to test if you are dreaming!

I'm not sure what else happened and I think I woke up pretty soon after that. I was very drowsy and drifted in and out of sleep for a while.

dream Dream: Saturday 20 February 2021 08:23

Lucid Triple Dream

Lucid Dream (L4)

I don't know for sure if this was one dream with a couple of false awakenings or a series of dreams. I think in retrospect it was probably just one dream.

I was in a room and trying to open a door, but the door was really weird. I eventually got it to open but it opened from the wrong side, i.e. the side with the handle was attached to the door frame and the hinge side swung towards me.

I thought it was odd and closed the door, and tried to open it again. At first it wouldn't open but then I realised it would open from the correct side this time. I closed and opened the door another couple of times and each time it would alternate pivoting from the hinge side or the handle side.

I realised this was not right and that the only explanation was that I was dreaming!

I became lucid but immediately woke up. I had the usual "that was weird" thoughts and wend back to sleep.

I drifted straight into a dream and realised pretty much straight away that I was dreaming again, but again I woke up straight away. "Wow twice in one night!"

I fell asleep quickly for the third time and realised I was dreaming again but this time I managed to hold onto it. I don't remember exactly what I did but I'm sure I was very focused on staying in the dream and did something like rubbing my hands or touching something to try to stay connected.

The rest of my memory is quite hazy. I think I pretty much did the usual routine of whizzing around, flying and trying to contain my excitement.

At one point I was flying down a street and I noticed a side alley with a brick wall. I stopped for a while at the bricks and studied them, noticing how detailed and realistic they were. This is not the first time I've done this in a lucid dream and it always amazes me how detailed the environment is that my brain is creating.

I went back to flying around and I don't think much of note really happened. I noticed the environment fading to white and the weird feelings you normally get as the dream collapses. This time I woke up for real!

dream Dream: Sunday 28 May 2017 04:51

Lucid Dream with Yu Lee

Tags: Yu Lee
Lucid Dream (L3)

I was drifting in and out of sleep for a while, when I opened my eyes and looked around, and realised that the room I was in was not the same room that I was trying to get to sleep in. I think it took me a while to realise what was happening, but eventually I clocked on to the fact that it was a dream and became lucid.

I don't remember much of what happened, but there was one thing that was unusual about this lucid dream that I've never experienced before. Once I became lucid, I went (in the dream) to the bedroom where Yu Lee was sleeping and grabbed her by the hand and lead her back into the room I started in. We flew out of the window with me leading her by the hand. As we flew I noticed how real her hand felt, and I pulled her in close and embraced her and was amazed at how I could feel every part of her body against mine, just as if it were real life.

The whole experience must only have lasted a couple of minutes before I lost control and drifted into a normal sleep.

dream Dream: Thursday 08 May 2014 12:30

Lucid 3 Times

Tags: Yu Lee
Lucid Dream (L4)

I fell asleep quickly but had a really disturbed sleep, drifting in and out. I had a lucid dream where I realised I was dreaming and flew like superman, but it faded out quickly and I was back in my bed, half asleep again.

Then I drifted into another lucid dream, and this time it was longer lasting. I went into the street and knocked on a random door, but then I thought "What if I'm not really dreaming?" I decided to let whoever answered lead the conversation.

I said "hello" when a girl answered, and I asked if I was disturbing her. She said "no", and then after a short silence asked "Do you want to come in?". I said yes, and then she made a comment about how her baby is sleeping and she seemed to be a bit annoyed.

Once inside she was nice and calm again, and wearing the kind of mask you would wear to a masked ball. She lifted her mask and was older than I'd imagined, but was still very attractive. She kissed me once on the lips and the dream faded away and I woke up.

This time I woke up on the bedroom floor. I looked up, and realised Yu Lee had come into the room with me. I felt something in my ears, and rolled over to find that there were 2 cotton buds in each of my ears! Then I realised the ceiling was the ceiling from the second bedroom in our old house, and there were cobwebs everywhere and a sinister looking doll's head hanging from the ceiling. I became lucid for a 3rd time, but then panicked and though that I would never be able to properly wake up and would be stuck in the dream world forever!

At that moment I woke up for real and just over an hour had passed since I went to bed. I realised I'd been asleep the whole time and had a series of false awakenings.

I vividly remember that several times through the whole episode the dream had started to fade to a light grey colour, but I had just about managed to get it back by moving and being active.

I also realised afterwards that the sensation of the ear plugs in my ears in real life is what caused me to dream of the cotton buds in my false awakening. This means that I was probably waking up and regaining my sense of touch, but my brain triggered a false awakening to keep me asleep.

dream Dream: Saturday 26 January 2013 04:00

Flying in North London

Lucid Dream (L4)

The first part of this dream is very vague. I am outside and there are a lot of people sitting around on the floor. There are some women standing up who are prostitutes, although they are all dressed nicely and look respectable. I have paid some money and now I have to pick one of the prostitutes to take home with me.

The next thing I remember is being outside at night in North London. I feel that I am near Ai Seng's house, although it is definitely nowhere I've been in real life. For some reason we are planning on spending the night outside.

We are hanging around somewhere when all of a sudden an alarm goes off. For some reason I know that I can turn it off by going to some garages down an alleyway, so I head away from the group in that direction.

I remember feeling nervous because I was alone and it was dark and isolated down the alley.

As I'm walking along I find a metal sign post that has been pulled out of the ground, so I pick it up for protection. It looks quite heavy but when I pick it up I am immediately surprised at how light it is, and I continue down the alley easily carrying the pole.

When I get down the alley I disable the alarm somehow and start walking back towards the group. I quicken my pace and am almost skipping / jogging along with this great big sign post in my hand.

All of a sudden I think to myself "this feels like a lucid dream" and become lucid. I toss the signpost on the floor and decide to fly upwards to make sure.

As I fly upwards I become very aware of the sky. It is dark and cloudy, and as I fly up the streets below me disappear and I can only see sky in all directions.

The dream starts to fade out and I stare at a little cloud to try and remain in the dream, and although things clarify a little I feel that the clouds are too fuzzy to focus on and wake up in my bed.

dream Dream: Tuesday 01 January 2013 06:20

My First Long Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream (L4)

I'm at some kind of social gathering and a lot of people are there from my work. They aren't the people that actually go to my work in real life though: they are random people but I somehow know that they are my workmates.

I don't really remember what happened at the start of the dream. I remember seeing a Spanish girl twice. I met her at the start of the dream, and then she turned up at the party. I was trying to talk to her in Spanish but someone else kept interrupting me in English.

Somehow at the party I realised I was dreaming and became lucid but I don't remember how.

I was lucid for a long time, but I only remember fragments. I know I had sex at some point. I definitely did some flying. At one point I found a giant conker and I asked a dream character what it meant but I don't think I got a response.

Half way through the dream I briefly lost lucidity and thought I had slept with one of my work mates' wives. I snapped out of it though and remained lucid for the rest of the dream.

When I woke up my memory was very vague and I found it hard to remember everything. I even remember at some point during the dream thinking "This is a long dream. I've been lucid for ages. How am I going to remember all of this?"

I laid in bed for a long time before I finally took a few notes about my dream on my tablet. I was very tired from a night of interrupted sleep and couldn't really be bothered to write everything down, so maybe that is why I don't remember much.

dream Dream: Tuesday 01 January 2013 04:01

Jewish Invasion

Tags: Ai Seng
Lucid Dream (L4)

The dream took place in the garden of my Mum's old house at 35 York Avenue where I grew up. There were a few people there and I don't remember who exactly, but I remember that Ai Seng was there. In my dream I am my current age.

We are sitting on the ground in the garden and suddenly someone has a big horrible spider on them. I look at it as they flick it off and I say actually it is not a spider. When it's on the ground I look closer and it is big, green and looks like it's made of plants. It is indescribable and has a very dream-like look to it.

I say that I think it is an insect, and I'm sure I know what type but I can't thing of the word. All of a sudden I think of the name at the same time as another dream character and almost in unison we both say "It's a Goliath."

The next thing I remember happening is that I fighter plane flies over, pretty close to the ground, and we all look up at it. Suddenly I can somehow see a news report on the TV, and the same fighter jet is on TV, but this time the camera moves above the plane so that you can see the markings. It is a grey colour with a white logo on each wing that consists of a circle with a dot in the middle like this:

The news says that it is a Jewish war plane and that the Jews are invading the UK. Everyone is taking it very seriously and seem to be quite alarmed.

As soon as I saw the logo on the news I felt that I'd seen it before and recently, probably from an earlier part of the dream.

As I stand there in the garden thinking about what is happening, I begin to think that this cannot be real and that I must be dreaming.

Even while I think that I'm dreaming I don't really believe it, but I leap into the air and jump about 4 meters high over the gate in the side passage. I realise that I really am dreaming and fly over to the house on the opposite side of the road to my Mum's house.

As I flew towards the house, the dream was starting to fade so I tried to focus hard on the scenery and notice everything, and the dream came back.

I flew close enough to the chimney of the house to touch it and look at the colours and textures of the brickwork. The texture was incredibly life like and detailed.

The dream starts to fade again but this time it fades out completely and I wake up in Ai Seng's house. It's 4:00am and next door are having a New Year's Eve party and the music is extremely loud.

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