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dream Dream: Friday 21 April 2023 07:51


Tags: Claire

This dream is hidden. Some dreams are personal. Some dreams are not suitable for everyone to read. And sometimes the author just doesn't want his mum to read them!

dream Dream: Sunday 16 April 2023 15:30

Where is Rain?

Tags: Rain

I dreamt that we left Rain in nursery, but when we went to collect him the teachers couldn't find him. We frantically searched each of the classrooms and asked all of the staff where he was, but no-one could remember where he went. I felt panicked and woke up with my heart racing.

dream Dream: Saturday 15 April 2023 14:39

Meeting Her Family

In this dream I was younger than I am now, probably in my twenties. I was seeing a girl and in the dream I was meeting her family for the first time.

I don't remember meeting her parents at all, but she had sisters who were a bit crazy. She was shy and geeky but her sisters were the exact opposite. At one point I went outside to do something and her 15 year old sister decided to steal her mum's car and go for a drive! I somehow managed to talk her into stopping and getting out of the car and de-escalated the situation.

I felt like the whole day was intense and kind of stressful, but that I was managing ok and they seemed to like me so everything was good.

Later we were inside watching TV with her family. I was sitting on a very deep arm chair, and kind of slouching in my chair, and she was sitting on my lap, almost laying back on me. I had my hands out in front of me and she was gently stroking the palms of my hands with her fingers. It was really subtle, but it felt amazing to sit there with her. I suddenly felt this intense feeling of endorphins being released, like the most intense feeling of falling in love. It was absolutely overwhelming and caused me to wake up.

The whole dream felt really intense, and the feelings I experienced at the end of dream felt wonderful. In the dream I felt free, with no obligations, like I was doing exactly what I wanted and that there were no expectations of me at all. I laid in bed for about 20 minutes afterwards, coming back down to reality.

dream Dream: Wednesday 16 March 2022 07:30


For context, in real life Russia is invading Ukraine. I only remember the last part of the dream.

I look out of the window and there is a weird coloured light in the sky, quite far off in the distance. I suddenly start to hear a fizzing sound that gets louder and louder. Then the light changes colour, becoming orange like a fireball. It gets brighter and I start to hear a loud noise like an explosion, and as I breathe out I feel like I can't breathe back in, as if the air has been sucked out of my lungs. I start to panic and wake up.

dream Dream: Wednesday 09 March 2022 12:00

Walking on Water

Lucid Dream (L3)

In real life I had my first Muay Thai lesson scheduled for the afternoon, which I had arranged a couple of days ago.

In my dream it was the middle of the day and I checked the time as I new my lesson was coming up. When I looked at the time on my phone it said 11:45pm, which I knew wasn't right because I'd only been awake a few hours. I checked the time on something else and it had a different time and I also had a wrist watch on which said another different time.

I decided to call my teacher but the call was confusing and he didn't seem to know what time it was either. I asked Yu Lee to check the time on her phone and she kept messing about with it but couldn't get the time to show up.

My memory of the dream is a little hazy, but at some point I realised that it was really weird how no one could tell me the time, and I guessed that I might be dreaming. I tried to levitate off of the ground but the results were inconclusive.

Somehow I ended up outside and I decided the best way to test if I was dreaming would be to run really fast into the river and see if I could run across the surface of the water. I gave it a go and I did manage to run across the surface, so I concluded I must be dreaming!

In retrospect, what a stupid way to test if you are dreaming!

I'm not sure what else happened and I think I woke up pretty soon after that. I was very drowsy and drifted in and out of sleep for a while.

dream Dream: Monday 01 March 2021 08:43

Hanging at 35 York Avenue

I dreamt me and Yu Lee were living at my childhood home in Slough, and Mum and Richard were visiting us. For some reason we were all in the shed at the bottom of the garden.

It was time to go back to the house so we made our way up the garden path, but Richard said he wanted to stay behind and to go on without him, presumably so that he could have a cigarette.

A little while later Yu Lee and Mum were in the living room talking and I was in the kitchen. I was thinking that Richard had been a while and I looked out of the window, into the shed window. I suddenly realised I could see Richard's legs dangling in front of the window and that had hung himself!

I shouted to the others to come quickly and ran up the garden to the shed. I went inside I grabbed hold of his legs to try to relieve the tension on his neck. That was the last thing I remember before waking up.

dream Dream: Friday 26 February 2021 08:51

Toilet Mishaps at Yoga Lessons

I dreamt that I was having a yoga lesson. It was in a school, and none of the students were there because of the Covid lockdown.

I arrived in the classroom and I don't remember any other people being there apart from the teacher who was a woman who looked about 60 years old. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom and she pointed me in the right direction but it took me a while to find them.

When I found the toilet it was very weird. It was open and from the toilet I could see (and be seen by) a table where a man and woman were eating their lunch! I left and looked for another toilet but in the end I returned as I had no other option.

I went to pee but then I realised I actually needed to poo and sat down on a toilet in clear view of the table. I was doing my business and it was a lot so I thought I'd better flush halfway through to avoid blocking it. I flushed while I was sitting on the toilet and suddenly I felt very wet. I looked down and the toilet was overflowing and there was shit all over my legs and trousers.

dream Dream: Saturday 20 February 2021 08:23

Lucid Triple Dream

Lucid Dream (L4)

I don't know for sure if this was one dream with a couple of false awakenings or a series of dreams. I think in retrospect it was probably just one dream.

I was in a room and trying to open a door, but the door was really weird. I eventually got it to open but it opened from the wrong side, i.e. the side with the handle was attached to the door frame and the hinge side swung towards me.

I thought it was odd and closed the door, and tried to open it again. At first it wouldn't open but then I realised it would open from the correct side this time. I closed and opened the door another couple of times and each time it would alternate pivoting from the hinge side or the handle side.

I realised this was not right and that the only explanation was that I was dreaming!

I became lucid but immediately woke up. I had the usual "that was weird" thoughts and wend back to sleep.

I drifted straight into a dream and realised pretty much straight away that I was dreaming again, but again I woke up straight away. "Wow twice in one night!"

I fell asleep quickly for the third time and realised I was dreaming again but this time I managed to hold onto it. I don't remember exactly what I did but I'm sure I was very focused on staying in the dream and did something like rubbing my hands or touching something to try to stay connected.

The rest of my memory is quite hazy. I think I pretty much did the usual routine of whizzing around, flying and trying to contain my excitement.

At one point I was flying down a street and I noticed a side alley with a brick wall. I stopped for a while at the bricks and studied them, noticing how detailed and realistic they were. This is not the first time I've done this in a lucid dream and it always amazes me how detailed the environment is that my brain is creating.

I went back to flying around and I don't think much of note really happened. I noticed the environment fading to white and the weird feelings you normally get as the dream collapses. This time I woke up for real!

dream Dream: Friday 27 November 2020 14:20

Weird Hotel

I dreamt I was in some kind of hotel with many rooms and lots of people. Part of the hotel was a kind of hall with lots of bars and restaurants off of it, and in the middle there was a piano, but instead of the normal piano keyboard it had a weird grid of keys. A (very pretty) lady was playing the piano and singing and I watched for a while.

Some time later I somehow ended up with a slot at the piano, playing in front of the crowd, and I had to improvise a piece with piano backing and a sung melody. I sat down at the piano and looked at the weird grid of keys and pressed a few buttons, but I couldn't figure out how the notes worked. I tried playing notes together that were next to each other, and diagonal from each other. In the end I figured out how to play some chords, but I had no idea what they were!

The lady who was singing earlier came over and showed me a few things and then offered to sing the first song, so I improvised some chords and she sang over it. After a few minutes she left and I was on my own and basically made a fool of myself in front of everyone. Eventually I got up and left and everyone was looking at me.

I headed out to another part of the hotel and someone closed the door behind me. I was in a room with lots of people, and after a minute or two I realised this was someone's wedding reception. I tried to open the door to leave but it was lost.

I explored this part of the hotel, pushing through crowds of people and just trying to find a way out but the layout was confusing, like a labyrinth of small rooms and corridors. I woke up without ever managing to find my way out!

dream Dream: Wednesday 23 January 2019 06:00

Pops' Internet

Tags: Pops Yu Lee

In my dream Nan and Pops were both still alive.

One day I received a weird email from my Pops. I don't remember the exact content of the email but it sounded very much like he was trying to say something without directly saying it, and in the end the email was mostly meaningless. He signed off with the following:

This is my attempt at a throwaway.


I looked at the email address the the message was from and it was an address with lots of random letters in it so I thought the last sentence made sense.

A little while later me and Yu Lee decided to go out for a walk and we thought we might as well walk to their house and see if they were about. When we got to their road they were walking with a (surprisingly large) group of other old people. We all went back to their house and they were having some kind of gathering.

I chatted to my Pops and he told me that a lot of his friends were having problems with their internet. He said the internet companies were targeting old people and charging them extra for expensive services while at the same time giving them a service that was a lot cheaper to run and was a lot slower. He didn't want his internet speed to be throttled back so he sent me the email in code because he thought they might intercept his email and realise that he was an old man and try to scam him.