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dream Dream: Wednesday 23 January 2019 06:00

Pops' Internet

Tags: Pops Yu Lee

In my dream Nan and Pops were both still alive.

One day I received a weird email from my Pops. I don't remember the exact content of the email but it sounded very much like he was trying to say something without directly saying it, and in the end the email was mostly meaningless. He signed off with the following:

This is my attempt at a throwaway.


I looked at the email address the the message was from and it was an address with lots of random letters in it so I thought the last sentence made sense.

A little while later me and Yu Lee decided to go out for a walk and we thought we might as well walk to their house and see if they were about. When we got to their road they were walking with a (surprisingly large) group of other old people. We all went back to their house and they were having some kind of gathering.

I chatted to my Pops and he told me that a lot of his friends were having problems with their internet. He said the internet companies were targeting old people and charging them extra for expensive services while at the same time giving them a service that was a lot cheaper to run and was a lot slower. He didn't want his internet speed to be throttled back so he sent me the email in code because he thought they might intercept his email and realise that he was an old man and try to scam him.

dream Dream: Sunday 09 September 2018 05:50

Trying to Eat Out

Tags: Yu Lee

This was a very vivid dream.

Pizza Express

The first thing I remember is arriving at Pizza Express, although it was a different Pizza Express to the one we normally go to. Link wasn't with us, and I remember thinking that he was sleeping at home, but it was ok because we'd brought the baby monitor with us!

We ordered our food, and mine arrived, but Yu Lee received the wrong pizza. She sent hers back and I ate mine.

After quite a long wait Yu Lee still hadn't received her food, so she got the waitress' attention and asked where her food was. The waitress apologised and disappeared back into the kitchen.

A few minutes later a lesbian looking woman with short hair arrived at our table with a plate of food. She was not dressed like the other waitresses, and explained that she works in the kitchen, and that the waitress hadn't written her order down on the right slip of paper and so it had been forgotten. She was very apologetic and spoke a lot less eloquently than the serving staff, and had a very working class way about her speech.

The lady put the plate down in front of Yu Lee, and it had a large flatbread pocket filled with pizza topping on it. Yu Lee started to explain that this also wasn't quite right, and the lady's face expression changed as if to say "what's wrong now?" Yu Lee explained that she'd ordered the ham and cheese pizza (it had a funny Italian name that I don't remember), but this is not a pizza. The lady told her that the waitress didn't specify whether it was the normal pizza or the wrap so she just guessed. The lady went back into the kitchen with the plate of food.

After the lady left again I studied the menu and there was no flatbread option for the cheese and ham pizza.

After waiting again for a while, another plate of food turned up. This time it had 2 large slices of pizza on it, but had very little toppings and no cheese. Yu Lee was getting very fed up now and when she complained that this still wasn't right the waiting staff were expecting it and took it straight away again without any kind of argument.

Eventually another lady came out who turned out to be some kind of manager. She apologised and gave Yu Lee a cheque for the price of her half of the order. It was becoming clear to us that they were not capable of producing the correct dish for Yu Lee and so we accepted the refund and left.

The Café

We were outside now and it was dark. I had taken my shoes off in the restaurant, and was now taking shoes out of my bag and struggling to put them on in the dark, while we talked about where we could go to get Yu Lee some food. I was very aware that Link had been at home on his own for a while, so I suggested that we needed to go somewhere that was going to be quick. Yu Lee said she knew a cafe so we decided to head over there.

By this point I'd managed to get my left shoe on and was fumbling in my bag, trying to find the other one. I pull out another left shoe, and continued my search, and finally found another shoe and took a long time clumsily putting it on. A short while later, under a streetlight, I realised I had two left shoes on, but we decided to head to the cafe and try to rectify it there where there was more light.

When we got to the cafe, it was a weird place which only had outdoor seating. It was dark outside, but the cafe was adequately lit so we decided to stay.

Yu Lee went up to the man at the till and asked about ordering food and he assured her that the kitchen was still open. He also said we should talk to his wife about the menu, and then he called her over.

We were sitting at a table now, and the man's wife was talking to us. The menu was really complicated, and as she was explaining it to us she kept getting sidetracked. She asked where we were from and I said that originally my wife was from London, and she said "right, so after living in London you moved to Australia or Canada?"

The conversation was getting weird and the lady had a very uncomfortable, rambly way of talking where she would excitedly go of on tangents and never get to the point she'd set out to make.

Yu Lee said something about how her mum was from Malaysia and the woman got really excited and started going on about how in Malaysia they were really good with needles. She then pulled what looked like a small knitting needle out of her pocket and stuck it through her wrist and started to wiggle it about!

Yu Lee was speechless, and we ended the conversation as quickly as possible and left without ever ordering any food.

The Pub

After we left the cafe we decided to go to a nearby pub. Neither of us had every been there before, and when we got inside it was very noisy and smokey, and lots of people were smoking. The place stunk of old spilled beer.

We made our way to the bar and Yu Lee told me she didn't know what to order. I told her to just ask if they are still doing food and then order a burger. When the lady at the bar asked what we wanted Yu Lee said "Can I have a burger a chips please?"

I added that we wanted take-away and the lady took our money and moved on to the next customer. A person standing on our side of the bar handed Yu Lee a brown paper bag and said it was to put her food in.

We waiting for a little while. Although it was loud and smelly, the people the pub were entertaining to watch and it was actually quite fun. At one point someone started talking to us and asking about Link, and I got confused about whether he was 24 years or 24 months old (in real life he is 15 months old),

After a short wait, Yu Lee's food came out. She opened up the burger and there was no cheese inside, so she got the barmaid's attention and asked her more cheese. Yu Lee was obviously getting fed up by this point and she was quite rude about it. I remember thinking that she should be careful otherwise they may spit in her food!

The burger had initially come out of the kitchen quite quickly, but now that we were waiting for the cheese it was taking a long time. Whilst we were waiting my alarm went off and the dream ended without Yu Lee ever getting anything to eat!

dream Dream: Friday 31 August 2018 15:02

Richard is Ill

Tags: Mum Richard

I dreamt that my stepdad, Richard, had been diagnosed with cancer, and my mum was caring for him. I remember one segment of the dream immediately before I woke up.

In my dream, Mum and Richard lived in a much larger, grander house than they do in real life. There was a mezzanine floor above my mum's bedroom and I was standing on it, leaning over the railing, looking down at my mum's bed.

The bed was made with completely white sheets, and they were wet and yellowed. My mum was stripping off the old bed sheets and putting on new ones.

A little later I was speaking with my mum, and she told me how she had tried to put Richard on the bed, but his leg had gotten tangled round a telephone cord and it had been very awkward. Just as she was about to get him properly on the bed he had wet himself. After that he'd gone off for some kind of treatment.

dream Dream: Tuesday 28 August 2018 05:30

Busy Restaurant

I don't remember who I was with in the dream, but I went out for dinner in a very fancy restaurant. The food was either Greek or Turkish.

When we got there the place was very busy. We'd booked a table and the waiter lead us through a series of rooms packed with diners to a small table at the back. We ordered our food and waited for it to arrive.

After a while the started came out and we at it quickly because we were starving. After that we waited and waited, but an hour had passed and our main course was nowhere to be seen. The person I was with said they'd had enough and it was time to leave. We left the restaurant and paid for our starters on the way out.

I remember thinking that there were very few staff for such an enormous restaurant.

dream Dream: Monday 20 August 2018 05:00

Brain Augmentation

I don't remember the narrative of this dream, but I do remember the subject of the dream.

I dreamt that someone was developing a type of brain augmentation. I don't remember all of the details, but it involved taking some kind of medication, and then going through a training process where your brain was adapted to make use of the augmentation.

The treatment was experimental, and normally given to patients in a very controlled environment by a whole team of people. I wasn't allowed to take the treatment in the conventional way, but I knew someone who worked with this treatment and they acquired some for me and I took it myself.

A large part of the dream was me struggling with the after effects of the medication. It definitely had a profound effect on my mind, and it was very uncomfortable and unpleasant. After dealing with this for a long time I was starting to despair, and feeling that I had permanently damaged my brain.

Towards the end of the dream, I got selected to take part in the procedure. The problem was that I'd already taken the medication in a way that I wasn't supposed to, and I was trying to work out how to get the part of the treatment I needed without having to divulge the fact that I'd already taken it illegally.

The last thing I remember was being in a room with lots of chairs, possibly a waiting room. Someone else who was waiting was complaining that they had a massive headache, and that it was becoming unbearable. One of the other people who had received the treatment was also there and offered their help.

The person with the augmentation concentrated on the man with the headache, and visualised a red cloud being drawn out of his head and into a deep, dark hole. I could see his visualisation, and suddenly realised that the augmentation was working and I had in fact received some new capabilities.

The man with the headache was immediately cured and felt fine.

I woke up feeling somewhat disturbed.

dream Dream: Sunday 19 August 2018 13:32

No Brakes

I don't remember much of this dream, but I do remember the end of it.

I was in the car, and I'd been driving around and kept noticing that I was going a bit faster than intended. The passenger in the car kept having a go at me for driving too fast and I just put it down to my own incompetence.

Later on, I was at a junction in a complicated bit of road, with different lanes and side roads going off in all directions. I approached a red light, and tried to stop, but realised that the breaks weren't working. I even tried pulling up the handbrake but that didn't work either. I suddenly realised that it wasn't due my carelessness that I'd been driving a bit fast, but that the brakes has been getting worse and worse all day.

I went through the red light, and luckily there weren't many other cars around. I headed for the closest exit, so that I could drive down a side road and let the car come to a stop.

dream Dream: Sunday 19 August 2018 04:00


This was a long and complicated dream, and I could remember upon waking that it had been long and complicated but could not remember any of the content of the dream.

The only thing I remember is dreaming that I heard the doorbell, and waking up, thinking that the doorbell had gone in real life. I looked at the clock and realised it was 4:00am, and spent a while convincing myself that it was only a dream.

dream Dream: Friday 17 August 2018 05:41

My New Life in Japan

This was a weird and messy dream. I'm not sure that I can remember 100% the order that things happened and a lot happened. The beginning of the dream is pretty fuzzy.

For some reason, I'd moved to Japan to work. I think this must have been a short term arrangement as I remember thinking of Yu Lee and Link waiting for me back home.

In my dream I'm living in Tokyo, and I've been to my new job once or maybe twice already. I don't remember anything about my job, but I feel that my first day(s) of work were boring and that I am not very interested in the work at all. The main thing that sticks in my mind is the commute to and from work on foot: that the city seems to be infinite, like you could just keep walking in any direction and never find your way out of it. The walk to and from work was mostly uneventful, but I was a little overwhelmed by the scale of the place.

I am living in a house share with some other English people. I don't remember much about my house mates, but I remember one of them had a Japanese friend, and my other housemate was saying "konichiwa" to the Japanese person and practically bragging that they know a single word of Japanese. I thought to myself that I really needed to start taking Japanese lessons.

On my way home from work one day, I'm walking through a particularly crowded area with people everywhere. Someone approaches me and asks if they can see my bag. My bag was practically empty so I think "why not?" and hand it over to them. They then hand it back and try to sell me something but I say that I'm not interested and continue on my way.

A little while later someone bumps into me with quite some force, and a few moments later I realise that they've somehow managed to steal my money out of my wallet.

When I get home I talk to my housemates about how I was pick-pocketed, and we realise that when I handed over my bag, I was being targeted and the thieves were working out where I kept my money. I say to my housemates that I was annoyed, and I'd lost about £250, but I was also glad that I only had half of my money on me at the time as it could have been much worse.

Next I am heading out to a piano lesson. This is my first lesson, and there are 2 other students in the lesson with me. I remember thinking that it would probably be a lot more useful to learn Japanese instead of piano.

The teacher hands us a music book and asks us to turn to a certain page and play a melody. The music notation in the book is weird and kind of squashed, and although the piece is simple I realise that I cannot play it at all. When it comes to my turn to play it I tell the teacher "no" and then explain that it's too difficult for our first piece and that she should have started us on something easier.

The teacher leaves the room and I talk to the other students (who are also English). I tell them that I think this teacher is an idiot and not very good at teaching, and one of the other students says that he thinks the teacher is not an idiot and is actually very intelligent. I say that I didn't really mean that she was an idiot, and was just bad at her job.

The teacher comes back and shows us two images of different places in Japan. One of them is an orchard, and the other is an island with lots of chairs and sun beds. All of a sudden we're all on a small boat, floating down a river, and on one side of the river is an orchard, very similar to the one in the photo, and on the other side is the exact same "island" we'd seen before.

We get off the boat and the teacher apologises that the orchard is not exactly like the one in the picture. We walk up to one of the trees and she picks a strange fruit from it. She hands a segment of the fruit to me, and it's covered in a leathery skin which I peel back and eat the flesh from inside. In the centre of segment of fruit is a large hard pip, with a tiny hole in one end. I can see that the pip is filled with soft, white flesh, but have no way of opening it.

I say to the others that I bet the inside of the pip tastes like lychee, but that you shouldn't eat the inside of seeds as they can be toxic.

We get back on the boat, and suddenly notice that there is a fire. One of the trees is on fire, and as we are watching, the fire spreads to more and more trees. All of a sudden a group of half naked, short people with red skin run out from round the corner. One of the people in the boat explains to me that there is a disease which turns them red and make them lose their minds, and that it is highly contagious. He then remarks how weird it is that on one side of the boat is the peaceful island resort which seems like some kind of paradise, and on the other side is "literal hell on earth."

We started to hastily leave as the "zombie" people chased us. The excitement got too much and I woke up.

dream Dream: Sunday 05 August 2018 12:25

Weird Conversation about Next Door

Tags: Link Yu Lee
Semi-Lucid Dream (L1)

Before my dream started, I'd gone for a nap and woken up about 40 minutes later. I recorded the end of my sleep and then thought I'd see if I could go back to sleep.

I drifted off to sleep very quickly and woke up moments later to loud music coming from outside. I felt very annoyed by this, and decided I would definitely be closing the window before my naps in future.

I went down stairs and realised the music wasn't coming from outside: Yu Lee and Link were listening to music and it was really loud. Yu Lee turned it down when I got downstairs.

Some time passed, and I went about my usual getting up routine and made some tea. Yu Lee was talking to me about how she'd arrived home from somewhere and some things had happened, but I wasn't really listening to the start of what she was saying. She continued, "and someone from next door was putting on their socks. They also had a guy from a band in their house, like the guy who was playing the accordion in our garden. You can walk right into their front room. Go out and have a look!"

What she was saying made very little sense at all and I thought that something wasn't right. I walked through the house (which looking back had a different layout to our real house) and started to wonder if I was dreaming. As I opened the front door I was bathed in bright sunlight that was so bright it washed everything in my vision out into white.

I now knew for sure that I was definitely dreaming and became lucid. I realised it wasn't the brightness of the sun washing everything out: the dream was fading away.

Things continued to get whiter as I stepped outside, and I leapt into the air and rose high into the sky. Things were virtually impossible to see now and I knew the dream was fading, so I span around in circles and rubbed my hands together in an attempt to hold on. This worked for a while, and I persisted in the dream for longer than I normally do, but eventually I tired of it and realised I would need to do this continuously to stay asleep which would defeat the whole point of being in a lucid dream in the first place.

Eventually the dream world faded completely and I awoke in my bed.

dream Dream: Friday 03 August 2018 05:26

Noisy Neighbours

I don't remember a whole lot of details, but my neighbours were being really noisy and playing music so I was playing mine louder.

Later on, after the music had stopped and it was later in the evening, I could hear more noise from outside. I looked out the window and they were watching TV in their garden. I opened the window and shouted at them.