dream Dream: Saturday 21 February 2015 05:57


Tags: Bob

I really don't remember a lot of details of this dream at all.

I was at my mum's old house at York Avenue. I don't remember seeing my mum in the dream at all, but Bob was there. For some reason we had a long discussion about moving our stuff out of the house, and the conclusion of our conversation was that we would pack all of our stuff up into boxes and put them into storage.

Later I get a load of boxes and start packing my things up, and I also pack a lot of things that were both of ours. Bob comes downstairs and sees my putting things in boxes and gets very angry with me, and says that I'd agreed that we would put our stuff into storage in a couple of weeks' time. I tell him that the place is a mess and I just want to get on and do it but he is really angry.

That's all I remember.

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