dream Dream: Thursday 02 June 2016 07:00

Indian Food

Tags: Bob Steph Yu Lee

Me and Yu Lee were with Bob and Steph and were going our for Indian food. We left our house and went into a restaurant called the Maharajah, which was only a couple of metres from my house. We sat down and looked at the menu, but decided that we didn't like it and immediately left.

Next we walked a bit further to another Indian restaurant and again got a table.

We decided that we would only stay for starters in this restaurant, and then would head into town and find another restaurant for main course. We ordered some starters, and in this particular restaurant they always give a free salad along with the starters.

We ate our starters and our salads and all had a drink, and when the waiting staff came to take our order for main course we told them that we were still eating. We hung out for a bit and then decided it was time to leave, but by this time the staff seemed to have forgotten us.

After a while, the others became impatient and started to loudly say things like "They obviously don't care, maybe we should just walk out without paying." The staff obviously heard this because soon after a waiter came over with the bill.

I offered to pay the bill and the others headed outside. The bill was for £11.00 (pretty cheap!) and I took out my wallet and rummaged around for some money. I handed over some money, but then I realised that I had given him some Euro notes, so I took them back and found a £5 note in my wallet. I fished around for some change and handed it over.

I was talking to the waiter the whole time, and he thought it was weird that we'd only had starters, and that maybe we'd left because we were annoyed about the service. I told him that this wasn't the case, and that we'd planned to have starters here and then head into town for the rest. I also told him I understood how we were taking a long time, and how it's easy to forget about a table when they keep telling you to come back later.

The waiter took the money off of me and said "thank you." I then gave him another pound coin and said "As we're not staying for a full meal, this is for the salad."

When I got outside of the restaurant, the others had already walked off. I was annoyed that they were so impatient, and headed towards town as I assumed this was the direction they would have walked in.

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