dream Dream: Tuesday 13 January 2015 15:04

Technology Fair

Tags: Bob

A lot of this dream is very vague, but I want to improve my recall so I really need to start writing down everything that I can remember.

This dream definitely featured a computer game that had characters from other games. I was really excited about it when I found the character list because a lot of the characters were from Final Fantasy games, especially Final Fantasy VII. The characters that they'd chosen we also quite interesting because in addition to the main characters (Aeris was definitely there) they also chose some obscure boss monsters from various Final Fantasy games.

The main part of the dream that I remember was the end. I was at some kind of technology fair with Bob. It was outside in a field, and there were lots of stalls set up, demoing all sorts of interesting technology.

Me and Bob had decided that there were 2 stalls that we really wanted to see. I don't remember what the first one was, but the second one had something to do with firearms.

We had just looked at the first stall we were really interested in, and were just leaving to head to the firearms stall when all of a sudden there was a power cut and all of the equipment shut down. The crowd all let out a dejected "Aaaawwwww" at the same time, and then everyone started to wander off.

We decided to walk in the general direction of the firearms stall, and as we were walking we heard some people talking to each other, saying "They should have known this was going to happen. They knew the attractions were going to pull more electricity than last year."

As we walked past the firearms stall, all of a sudden the power came back on and everything lit up again. The guy at the stall leaned over and asked if we would like to have a go, and we said "Yes."

The man handed Bob a revolver, and told him to shoot it into a little metal box. The metal box had a very small square opening, and a mass of electrical cables going into the back of it. Inside the opening we could see what looked like a glowing pink gel.

He explained to us that this machine used a lot of electricity and might be what caused the power to go out. He told Bob to fire a bullet into the hole, and the machine would catch the bullet, and we could retrieve it afterwards and it would not be damaged. Bob fired a bullet straight into the hole and the man pulled it out afterwards.

Bob looked at me and asked me if I wanted a go, and I was surprised that he only wanted to fire one shot, but he clearly felt like people were waiting and he didn't want to hold up the queue. He handed the pistol to me and I took aim, and then... I woke up!

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