dream Dream: Saturday 14 June 2014 07:18

The Policeman's Ball

Tags: Bob Yu Lee

Me, Bob and Yu Lee are staying at a hotel somewhere. It's the evening, and I suggest we should go out and find somewhere that we can have a drink, so we leave the hotel and walk along the main road, but there don't seem to be any pubs around.

We walk past a police station, and one of the others points at it and says "We can go to the Policeman's Ball!"

We walk up to the police station, and no one seems to be around but the doors are open. We go inside and walk down the corridor. We can hear the music inside and I'm sure the party is just around the corner. I ask Bob "Are we allowed to just walk in here and join the party?" and he says that we aren't supposed to be here because we don't work here.

I become nervous and tell the others we should leave. As we are walking out of the police station, someone sees us and approaches us, so we pretend to be prisoners that have just been released. The person we are talking to is obviously an off-duty policeman, but we somehow convince him that we are just prisoners on our way out of the station and he lets us go.

When we're back outside we decide to head back to the hotel. I tell the others that I'm hungry and they say they will cook some "nice mac 'n' cheese" when we get home. I tell them that I'm not eating that!

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