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dream Dream: Thursday 15 March 2018 07:44

Visiting Dad with Link

Tags: Dad Link Sue Yu Lee

I dreamt the me and Yu Lee took Link to Spain to see Dad and Sue.

I don't remember a lot of the dream, but I do remember that we ended up going places and seemed to spend a lot of time making our way from place to place. The part of Spain where my dad lived was also very different to real life, seeming more like an island than mainland Spain with lots of coastal areas.

The main part that I remember is the end of the dream. We were at Dad's house and we decided to take Link to some caves. Dad didn't really want to go, but he took us anyway and we all got in the car and drove to the other side of town where the caves were. When we got there we couldn't park very close to the caves and had to walk quite a way to reach them, but when we finally reached the cave entrance we realised that it was closed and wouldn't open for another hour and a half.

We briefly discussed whether we would wait for them to open or leave, and Yu Lee was insistent that her and Link would wait for the caves to open again and my Dad and Sue just went along with it. I said "well I'm not waiting around for an hour an half" and walked off on my own.

I headed away from the caves, through a touristy area with shops and restaurants and emerged back in the main part of town. I stopped to look around and get my bearings, looking to see if I could find a nice bar to hang out in whilst I waited for the caves to re-open. Just at that point I noticed my dad walking towards me on his own.

He asked me what I was doing and I said that I wasn't going to wait around on my own and that I wanted to have a beer. He said "alright then we can go for a couple of cañas, but no more than two!"

That's the last thing I remember before waking up.

dream Dream: Sunday 06 September 2015 09:32


Tags: Dad Sue Yu Lee

Me and Yu Lee are in Spain with my dad and Sue, sitting outside around a table. The weather is nice with a clear blue sky, and the sun is already getting low in the sky.

We're sitting around talking, when all of a sudden I hear a noise, like a jet engine. I can tell that it's really loud but really far away.

My dad says "Watch this, I've seen this loads of times and it's really good," and points towards a spot on the horizon. I look where he's pointing and notice a rocket rising up above the hills and trees in the distance.

The rocket is enormous and red, and as it rises I notice that there were 5 or 7 small white objects attached to it. (I know it was an odd number as one of them was in the centre of the rocket with an equal number of the other white objects on either side.)

The rocket flies straight upwards for a while, and then all of a sudden the white objects detach from it and fly off. I suddenly realise that they are small white vehicles, like miniature versions of the space shuttle.

"They're doing a test flight. Normally they launch these massive satellites into space," my dad explains to me.

The next thing that happens has me in awe. The rocket slows its ascent, and then starts to descend slowly towards the ground. It doesn't turn it's engines off but merely reduces the throttle, and maybe 10 seconds later land back in the same spot that it took off from.

I think I've been reading a little bit too much about SpaceX!

The dream felt very surreal, and I was completely captivated by the rocket.

dream Dream: Sunday 19 July 2015 07:43

Visiting Dad and Sue (and Mandy?)

I dreamt that I was visiting Dad and Sue in Spain. The first part that I remember was arriving at a bar.

I don't particularly remember getting to the bar, but I'm pretty sure they picked me up from the airport and took me straight there. It also wasn't their regular bar, or even the kind of place that they would normally go to. It seemed more like a hotel with a bar area and several other seating areas too.

When we were sat at the table, someone came in that they knew and they asked us if we were going to something beginning with 'S' (I don't remember the name of it now). My dad was not impressed with the suggestion and ranted a little about why he wouldn't want to go there. I'm not sure what exactly it was but it sounded like some kind of bar.

After the people moved on and found a table, we started talking again. Dad was saying he didn't know what to do for dinner tonight, and Sue said that she didn't want to eat out. Dad said that he didn't have anything in to make dinner and it was a Sunday so everywhere would be closed where we could buy food, so eating out was our only option. Sue was insisting that she didn't want to go out but Dad was telling her that there really was no other option.

Once we'd finished our drinks we left. We walked through one of the other rooms in the bar and there was a round table with about 10 English people sitting around in. They seemed to recognise me and asked me if I was going to the place beginning with 'S' and I thought it sounded interesting. I asked Dad what it was and he told me it was the place we were talking about earlier and that it was awful, so I told them I wasn't going and we left.

When we were outside we had to walk for a while to get home. I was talking about the seaside for some reason so Dad led us on a bit of a detour so that we could go via the sea. We didn't actually go to the beach but it was nice to see the sea.

On the way back home I was moaning about Yu Lee. I was annoyed that we only had one car, and was saying it was annoying when I come here because it means that I don't have a car when I get here. Dad said "you can always borrow our car," and as he was replying I realised what I was saying actually made no sense at all: even if we had two cars I would still have to leave the second car at the airport and rent a car here so it wouldn't help at all!

We arrived at my dad's place, but this was an apartment building instead of the villa he lives in in real life. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I was wearing a suit.

We entered the apartment building and it had a really confusing layout with lots of corridors and staircases. We started to head up towards his apartment, through several corridors and up some staircases. The look and feel of the place where we were had slowly progressed from the usual Spanish rendered concrete apartment building to something a lot more luxurious and old-fashioned: the area we were in now had lots of woodwork, with dark wooden panels on the walls and staircases with traditional wooden banisters.

As I walked up a flight of stairs I came to a section that was really narrow. The whole area was made of wood and you had to kind of turn sideways and squeeze through a very narrow doorway. I couldn't quite fit, and I felt that my suit was too cumbersome to be able to move into the right position.

I looked round and Dad and Sue were waiting at the bottom of the stairway I'd just climbed, with a look on their faces that said "And that's why we never go that way!"

I walked back down to them and we went a different way. Then things got really weird.

Suddenly Sue was my aunt Mandy, and we were walking up another narrow staircase. My dad was behind me and Mandy (or Sue?) was behind him. All of a sudden she started trying to kiss him, and then she leaned right in and was really kissing him. She put her hand out to lean onto something and it landed on the back of my leg, so that she was kind of leaning on me. I found the whole situation pretty uncomfortable so I hurried up and continued up the stairs, but she was leaning on my leg harder than I'd realised so she fell over forwards and landed on my dad.

"Ow Steve, I was leaning on you!" she shrieked at me as I hurried onwards towards the apartment.

This is the last thing I remember before waking.

dream Dream: Friday 13 February 2015 05:30


Polayamory is the practice of having intimate relationships with more than one person.


I don't actually remember this happening in the dream, but I remember remembering it in the dream!

Yu Lee and I had gone through a bad patch where we weren't quite as close as we used to be. In that period I'd met up with Lauryn (my ex-girlfriend from school) and we'd spent a bit of time together. I'm not sure how the decision had come about, but for some reason we decided to get married (whilst I was already married to Yu Lee)!

After that me and Yu Lee had gotten a lot closer again and I wasn't 100% sure that I wanted to go through with the wedding.

Wedding Day

I'm at somebody's house but I have no idea who's. Ai Seng is here, and Jo's family are here too but Jo isn't. (Note: I've never met Jo's family in real life so these were just made-up dream characters.) Everyone's come for my wedding day.

We're sitting round a large dining table when the door bell rings. Someone gets up to open it and it's Dad and Sue who have come from Spain for the wedding. I say hello and talk to them for a bit and then Dad says he needs to park the car in the garage so I go with him.

Dad backs the car into the garage and then gets out while the car is still reversing. The car moves backwards by itself and Dad steers it by pushing the front of the car left and right. Someone enters the garage through a door in the back (from the house) and Dad tells him to stop and put his hands out and stop the car with his hands. The guy looks a bit nervous to try it but follows instructions and after a split second of pushing the back of the moving car (which was moving right towards him) it stops. "It's an automatic so you can do that," Dad tells me as if it's common knowledge.

We go back in the house and are sitting round the dining room table again, and I'm feeling nervous about the wedding. We are going to get married in the cathedral because I wanted to get married in the same place that me and Yu Lee got married (even though in real life we got married in a civil ceremony) and I suddenly start to wonder if it's even possible to marry a second wife in a religious venue. I tell this to Dad and he says he isn't sure.


I'm sitting next to a girl who has her phone out so I ask her to google whether or not the wedding can go ahead, but she's not really competent at using her phone and it is taking forever and is frustrating. We are typing phrases into google like "Polyamory church wedding uk legal" but we can't seem to find out if it's possible. Dad tells me I should ring the venue and ask as the ceremony is only a couple of hours away.

I'm feeling increasingly nervous now. I don't really want to get married to Lauryn but my guests have all showed up and I would feel silly to back out now. I ask my Dad to call the cathedral and ask about marrying a second wife and he agrees to do it.

He's on the phone for a couple of minutes before he hangs up and tells me that it's not possible. He tells me that I'd better start looking for a registry office now as we don't have long left but I tell him it's off and that I'm not going to go through with it.

The last thing I remember is calling Lauryn and telling her that we can't get married after all because it's illegal. I feel relieved.

The first thing I thought upon waking was "Me and Yu Lee didn't get married in a church!"

dream Dream: Tuesday 20 January 2015 14:52

Leaving Work

Tags: Dad Sue

I dreamt that I'd just quit my job to become a freelancer full time.

The day after I'd quit my job I went to Spain to stay with my dad and step mum. I got there just before lunch time, and although it was still the winter it was lovely and warm outside, and everything seemed to have a warm golden glow about it. Also, instead of living inland, my dad lived very close to the coast, only a few minutes walk from the beach.

I'd pretty much just arrived and I wanted to do something, but Dad and Sue weren't interested in doing anything. My dad suggested that I go and walk along the beach and take advantage of the nice weather. It was supposed to be my first day of freelancing, but I didn't have much work on so I thought I could spend the afternoon there if I wanted to. I started to get ready to go out, basically looking for my phone and my sandals.

As I was getting my things together I was fantasising about arriving at the beach. I was going to take a picture of my self with the sunny sky and the beach in the background, and send it to one of my work mates and say something like "My first day as a contractor," but as is often the way in my dreams, as much as I searched around the house, I couldn't find my sandals!

dream Dream: Thursday 06 November 2014 03:40

Leaving Do in Spain / Pops

We are in Spain for some kind of work-related leaving do. I'm not sure exactly where I work in my dream as most of the other people are not from any job that I've had, and the main dream character that I remember from this part of the dream is Mrs Oxley from my school (and I honestly have no idea why I would dream of her in particular).

In the first part of my dream we were going to bars and restaurants, and I'm sure some stuff happened but I don't really remember it now. The part that I really remember clearly is from the end of my dream.

After we're finished with our leaving do, I decide to go and visit my dad. When I get there, as well as my Dad and Sue being there, my nan and Pops are there and Pops is still alive, although I don't notice this as being unusual.

I walk up to him and say "Hi Pops" and he replies "How are you doing Stevie Boy?" which is not really something he would have said. His voice is not quite right, and his face is not exactly the same as it used to be, but I know it's still my Pops and I'm happy to see him.

He says something to me, and I don't remember exactly what it was but it was a reference to something that had happened in the past, and whatever he said wasn't quite right, but was in the right direction. Then he said "You see, I've still got a good memory, haven't I?"

"When he's got any memory at all," Nan says sarcastically.

I walk right up to him and put my arms around him and suddenly realise that I haven't seen him for a long time, and say "I miss you."

"What do you miss about me?" he replies. I start to think about all of the things that I miss about seeing him when I was little: about going for walks in the fields out the back of his house, messing around with the tools in his shed, playing board games, but I can't decide which one to say. I'm suddenly overcome by sadness and start to cry.

Then I wake up in my bedroom.

dream Dream: Tuesday 27 May 2014 15:05

Drinks with Dad

Tags: Dad Sue Yu Lee

I was sitting with my dad and two other people, probably Yu Lee and Sue. We were out somewhere (in England) having something to eat. I got the feeling that we'd finished eating, and had to go somewhere else for some reason, possibly to see a show. We were going to have another drink before we left.

Me and Dad ordered a pint each and the others didn't order anything. We definitely both had our drinks but then there was a problem with them so Dad ended up tipping them away.

We went to pay the bill but everyone had gone home. We looked on the board and it was 5 minutes after opening, and Dad said something like "That's why they were in such a rush." Dad then went over to the till, opened it and paid the bill, and said "¡Gracias!" as he put the money in the till.

The other thing I vaguely remember was right at the end of the dream and was something about my shoes. Someone said that my shoes were nice, and then started to say "Do you remember when we first met?" and said that it was something to do with my shoes.

dream Dream: Friday 16 May 2014 14:55


Tags: Dad Sue Yu Lee

A recurring theme in this dream, especially in the parts I don't remember well enough to write down was architecture. I'm pretty sure the first part had something to do with my house, and possibly with getting work done on the house, or wanting to get work done on it.

I'm at home with Yu Lee, except our house is totally different and is in Spain. I was in the garden, and I'm pretty sure we were looking at barbecues at some point. As part of some research for something I'm watching Hollyoaks or something similar on my laptop in the garden.

With about 5 minutes to go my dad and step-mum arrive in their car and park in our garden (which is very similar to my dad's garden and goes right around the house, containing the drive). As I don't want to be ridiculed I quickly close off my tv program.

We are in the garden for a while and I talk to my dad about barbecues and tell him I want a new one. I show him some pictures on the laptop and ask him what he thinks of 'outdoor kitchens' with built in sinks.

The discussion moves on to dinner, and my step-mum says "We were going to go out to a nice little place just outside of Torrevieja, but we can't take the car that far so we'll need to go somewhere in walking distance." I ask why we can't drive and she goes on to explain that she's selling her car, and she's just had the odometer rolled back to 3000 miles and can't let it go too far over when she sells it. I remember thinking you'd never get away with that in England.

"I can drive" I reply, "or more precisely I can drive us there and Yu Lee can drive us back because I'll be drunk!"

dream Dream: Friday 03 February 2006 08:00


Tags: Bob Cif Dad Sue Yu Lee

This dream is hidden. Some dreams are personal. Some dreams are not suitable for everyone to read. And sometimes the author just doesn't want his mum to read them!

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