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dream Dream: Wednesday 23 January 2019 06:00

Pops' Internet

Tags: Pops Yu Lee

In my dream Nan and Pops were both still alive.

One day I received a weird email from my Pops. I don't remember the exact content of the email but it sounded very much like he was trying to say something without directly saying it, and in the end the email was mostly meaningless. He signed off with the following:

This is my attempt at a throwaway.


I looked at the email address the the message was from and it was an address with lots of random letters in it so I thought the last sentence made sense.

A little while later me and Yu Lee decided to go out for a walk and we thought we might as well walk to their house and see if they were about. When we got to their road they were walking with a (surprisingly large) group of other old people. We all went back to their house and they were having some kind of gathering.

I chatted to my Pops and he told me that a lot of his friends were having problems with their internet. He said the internet companies were targeting old people and charging them extra for expensive services while at the same time giving them a service that was a lot cheaper to run and was a lot slower. He didn't want his internet speed to be throttled back so he sent me the email in code because he thought they might intercept his email and realise that he was an old man and try to scam him.

dream Dream: Friday 16 February 2018 07:41

Sunday Lunch at Nan's

In real life my Nan and Granddad (Pops) on my dad's side are both dead.

I dreamt that my Nan was still alive, and we were going to her house for Sunday roast. I spent a while organising it over the phone - I knew we were going to visit my Nan but I didn't know where we would eat. In the end it turned out that she was going to do Sunday lunch like we used to have when I was a child. I was happy with this arrangement as I couldn't be bothered to go somewhere else for lunch.

I don't remember arriving there, but a while later we were all sitting in her living room, talking. I don't remember who else was present. I started to think about the fact that my Pops wasn't there and realised how much I missed him. I was suddenly trying to hold back tears so I left the room.

I went upstairs to their spare room and when I got there there were Pops' things all over the bed. My cousin, Heather, was sitting on the bed and she was still young. She was looking at all of Pops' things and crying her eyes out.

I woke up feeling very sad and regretful that I didn't visit him more before he died.

dream Dream: Thursday 06 November 2014 03:40

Leaving Do in Spain / Pops

We are in Spain for some kind of work-related leaving do. I'm not sure exactly where I work in my dream as most of the other people are not from any job that I've had, and the main dream character that I remember from this part of the dream is Mrs Oxley from my school (and I honestly have no idea why I would dream of her in particular).

In the first part of my dream we were going to bars and restaurants, and I'm sure some stuff happened but I don't really remember it now. The part that I really remember clearly is from the end of my dream.

After we're finished with our leaving do, I decide to go and visit my dad. When I get there, as well as my Dad and Sue being there, my nan and Pops are there and Pops is still alive, although I don't notice this as being unusual.

I walk up to him and say "Hi Pops" and he replies "How are you doing Stevie Boy?" which is not really something he would have said. His voice is not quite right, and his face is not exactly the same as it used to be, but I know it's still my Pops and I'm happy to see him.

He says something to me, and I don't remember exactly what it was but it was a reference to something that had happened in the past, and whatever he said wasn't quite right, but was in the right direction. Then he said "You see, I've still got a good memory, haven't I?"

"When he's got any memory at all," Nan says sarcastically.

I walk right up to him and put my arms around him and suddenly realise that I haven't seen him for a long time, and say "I miss you."

"What do you miss about me?" he replies. I start to think about all of the things that I miss about seeing him when I was little: about going for walks in the fields out the back of his house, messing around with the tools in his shed, playing board games, but I can't decide which one to say. I'm suddenly overcome by sadness and start to cry.

Then I wake up in my bedroom.

dream Dream: Friday 20 September 2013 04:57


I dreamt that I had gone to visit my granddad and my nan had died in my dream, which is exactly the opposite to real life. While we were there we lived out a flashback to some time in the past.

In the flashback my grandparents had just had some work done on their house so that the top floor could rise up like a tower with a giant terrace on the top. We tested it out and made the tower as tall as it could be, and then came back down again but something wasn't right and the house started to disintegrate. We all ran outside as the building started to fall to pieces, and my nan said they would need to call the workmen back in to fix it.

dream Dream: Sunday 01 September 2013 14:15


I dreamt that my granddad was still alive, but was ill, and my nan had called me to tell me that she was going to stop giving him his medicine and let nature take its course. It was a sad conversation but I told her that she was doing the right thing and that he shouldn't have to suffer any more.

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