dream Dream: Saturday 20 February 2021 08:23

Lucid Triple Dream

Lucid Dream (L4)

I don't know for sure if this was one dream with a couple of false awakenings or a series of dreams. I think in retrospect it was probably just one dream.

I was in a room and trying to open a door, but the door was really weird. I eventually got it to open but it opened from the wrong side, i.e. the side with the handle was attached to the door frame and the hinge side swung towards me.

I thought it was odd and closed the door, and tried to open it again. At first it wouldn't open but then I realised it would open from the correct side this time. I closed and opened the door another couple of times and each time it would alternate pivoting from the hinge side or the handle side.

I realised this was not right and that the only explanation was that I was dreaming!

I became lucid but immediately woke up. I had the usual "that was weird" thoughts and wend back to sleep.

I drifted straight into a dream and realised pretty much straight away that I was dreaming again, but again I woke up straight away. "Wow twice in one night!"

I fell asleep quickly for the third time and realised I was dreaming again but this time I managed to hold onto it. I don't remember exactly what I did but I'm sure I was very focused on staying in the dream and did something like rubbing my hands or touching something to try to stay connected.

The rest of my memory is quite hazy. I think I pretty much did the usual routine of whizzing around, flying and trying to contain my excitement.

At one point I was flying down a street and I noticed a side alley with a brick wall. I stopped for a while at the bricks and studied them, noticing how detailed and realistic they were. This is not the first time I've done this in a lucid dream and it always amazes me how detailed the environment is that my brain is creating.

I went back to flying around and I don't think much of note really happened. I noticed the environment fading to white and the weird feelings you normally get as the dream collapses. This time I woke up for real!

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