This chart shows my sleep pattern - the coloured blocks represent times that I am asleep.

This chart just show my sleeps for 01/01/2013.

Tue 01 Jan 2013 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Total time slept: 6:59 hours


Sleep 1

00:15 to 01:45

(1:30 hours)

Last night we were still at Yu Lee's mum's house. We went to bed just after it turned midnight and listened to the fireworks going off which was surprisingly relaxing. I think they were still going off when I went to sleep but I was so tired that I feel asleep almost instantly once I had settled down.

The next thing I remember is waking up to incredibly loud music from next door. They were playing Gangnam Style at full volume which is the last thing you want to hear at that time in the morning! I felt quite annoyed at being woken and it took me a long time to get back to sleep.

Sleep 2

02:45 to 04:01

(1:16 hours)

After laying in bed for over an hour I finally managed to fall back to sleep. This time I had a dream where I became lucid at the end and I woke up incredibly excited as this was my first lucid dream in years!

I got up to write some notes about my dream, and by this time next door had moved the party upstairs into the room that shares a wall with the one I was sleeping in. There was loud music and shouting, and it sounded like they were scratching the walls at one point, but to be honest I didn't really care because I'd just had a lucid dream and I was quite excited!

Jewish Invasion
dream Dream: Tuesday 01 January 2013 04:01

Jewish Invasion

Tags: Ai Seng
Lucid Dream (L4)

The dream took place in the garden of my Mum's old house at 35 York Avenue where I grew up. There were a few people there and I don't remember who exactly, but I remember that Ai Seng was there. In my dream I am my current age.

We are sitting on the ground in the garden and suddenly someone has a big horrible spider on them. I look at it as they flick it off and I say actually it is not a spider. When it's on the ground I look closer and it is big, green and looks like it's made of plants. It is indescribable and has a very dream-like look to it.

I say that I think it is an insect, and I'm sure I know what type but I can't thing of the word. All of a sudden I think of the name at the same time as another dream character and almost in unison we both say "It's a Goliath."

The next thing I remember happening is that I fighter plane flies over, pretty close to the ground, and we all look up at it. Suddenly I can somehow see a news report on the TV, and the same fighter jet is on TV, but this time the camera moves above the plane so that you can see the markings. It is a grey colour with a white logo on each wing that consists of a circle with a dot in the middle like this:

The news says that it is a Jewish war plane and that the Jews are invading the UK. Everyone is taking it very seriously and seem to be quite alarmed.

As soon as I saw the logo on the news I felt that I'd seen it before and recently, probably from an earlier part of the dream.

As I stand there in the garden thinking about what is happening, I begin to think that this cannot be real and that I must be dreaming.

Even while I think that I'm dreaming I don't really believe it, but I leap into the air and jump about 4 meters high over the gate in the side passage. I realise that I really am dreaming and fly over to the house on the opposite side of the road to my Mum's house.

As I flew towards the house, the dream was starting to fade so I tried to focus hard on the scenery and notice everything, and the dream came back.

I flew close enough to the chimney of the house to touch it and look at the colours and textures of the brickwork. The texture was incredibly life like and detailed.

The dream starts to fade again but this time it fades out completely and I wake up in Ai Seng's house. It's 4:00am and next door are having a New Year's Eve party and the music is extremely loud.

Sleep 3

04:45 to 06:20

(1:35 hours)

After writing some notes about my dream I went back to bed at 4:20. The noise was too much for me to sleep so I put my earplugs back in at 4:45 and finally got back to sleep.

This time I had another lucid dream, and this was the first ever long lucid dream that I've ever had. I woke up at the end of my dream and took some very brief notes on my tablet.

My First Long Lucid Dream
dream Dream: Tuesday 01 January 2013 06:20

My First Long Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream (L4)

I'm at some kind of social gathering and a lot of people are there from my work. They aren't the people that actually go to my work in real life though: they are random people but I somehow know that they are my workmates.

I don't really remember what happened at the start of the dream. I remember seeing a Spanish girl twice. I met her at the start of the dream, and then she turned up at the party. I was trying to talk to her in Spanish but someone else kept interrupting me in English.

Somehow at the party I realised I was dreaming and became lucid but I don't remember how.

I was lucid for a long time, but I only remember fragments. I know I had sex at some point. I definitely did some flying. At one point I found a giant conker and I asked a dream character what it meant but I don't think I got a response.

Half way through the dream I briefly lost lucidity and thought I had slept with one of my work mates' wives. I snapped out of it though and remained lucid for the rest of the dream.

When I woke up my memory was very vague and I found it hard to remember everything. I even remember at some point during the dream thinking "This is a long dream. I've been lucid for ages. How am I going to remember all of this?"

I laid in bed for a long time before I finally took a few notes about my dream on my tablet. I was very tired from a night of interrupted sleep and couldn't really be bothered to write everything down, so maybe that is why I don't remember much.

Sleep 4

06:30 to 08:00

(1:30 hours)

I should have probably just got up at 6:30 but I felt really tired so I went back to sleep. I woke up briefly at 7:40 and went straight back to sleep. I finally woke up at 8:00 and got up.

Now I feel awake enough to be up but I kind of feel like I've had too much sleep at the same time and I feel like my head is filled with cotton wool. I could still hear the party going on at 8:00 and this was one of the most broken night's sleep I've ever had! The broken sleep is probably the reason that I had the lucid dreams though. I have no idea what this is going to do to my sleep pattern.

Sleep 5

15:50 to 16:29

(0:39 hours)

I didn't sleep at all

I was not sure whether I would want a nap today as I finally ended up getting up at 8:00am which is a lot later than usual. I have felt kind of tired all day, and at 3:50pm I decided to take a nap as I came over sleepy. I didn't fall asleep but I did rest my eyes for a while which made me feel better. I did enjoy being able to use my own bed again though!

I'm looking forward to getting back into my normal routine tomorrow, although I'm not exactly looking forward to starting work. I'm not sure what time I'll want to sleep tonight.

Sleep 6

22:51 to 05:00

(6:08 hours)

Yesterday from about 8:00pm I felt very tired, and I was even debating being in bed by 9:00pm but then I woud have either got up at 3am or slept for 8 hours, both of which would have messed up my sleeping pattern.

Once it got past 9:00pm I started to feel a little less sleepy and in the end I went to bed at the usual time of 11:00pm and fell asleep pretty much straight away. I slept through until my alarm this morning, and I could have easily slept longer but it wasn't too difficult to get up. Hopefully today I can get back into my usual sleeping pattern.

I must admit it is nice to be sleeping in my own bed again!