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dream Dream: Saturday 14 April 2018 05:00

Our Old Next Door Neighbour, Elavators at Work, Purple Flowers

Semi-Lucid Dream (L1)

I don't know what time this dream happened because the room I was sleeping in didn't have a clock in it. I felt like I'd been asleep for quite a long time, and it was still completely dark outside.

I remember three separate scenes from my dream.

The first thing I remember was visiting my mum, and Sue, our next door neighbour from when we were kids was also visiting. I got the impression that she'd just turned up before I got there.

I sat in the living room with my mum and Sue for a bit while they chatted, but then I realised I was hungry and asked Mum if she minded if I made something to eat. She said that was fine and I asked if they wanted any. Mum seemed a bit awkward that I was making food at a weird time, and she was asking me what I was going to make, and I explained that I was going to make something half way between a snack and dinner. Eventually they agreed to have some.

I went to the kitchen and started preparing a quite elaborate snack for the three of us. I don't remember what it was any more, but it had lots of ingredients and was not the usual kind of thing you would have for a snack.

The next thing I remember is being at "work". It was a large building with a slightly futuristic feeling to it, and I was with two other people. I wanted to go somewhere with one of the other people, but the third person was tagging along and trying to get in on our outing. I kept trying to ditch this person subtly and without being rude but it was starting to get difficult as they were quite persistent. They obviously knew I didn't want them to come because they were trying to come with us without directly asking if they could come.

Eventually we came to an elevator which would lead us out of the building, and as luck would have it this annoying person didn't have security clearance to use the elevator. I told them that we would take this elevator, and if they wanted to get out they would have to walk all the way back through a series of corridors and use the elevator that they had access to, then walk all the way out to where this one was on the ground floor.

Eventually they agreed to leave on their own and we'd managed to escape this person.

When we got outside we went to some kind of gardens. I remember very little about the gardens as I wasn't there for long before waking, but the entrance had a path going forward between two high, thick hedges, and at the end of the path was another hedge with a path off to the left and right. It looked just like the entrance to a hedge maze.

As we walked along this first section of path, I realised how bright and vivid the green of the hedge was. I looked more closely and there were large purple flowers in amongst the leaves. The purple of the flowers was stunning and other-worldly, and the they contrasted with the green of the vegetation in a way that is indescribable.

At this point I realised that this wasn't real, and that I must be in a dream. Thoughts started rushing through my head about what I should do now that I was aware I was in the dream world, but almost instantly things began to fade and I desperately tried to do everything I could to stay there.

I woke up in my bed with my arms and legs frantically moving.

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