This chart shows my sleep pattern - the coloured blocks represent times that I am asleep.

This chart just show my sleeps for 18/12/2012.

Tue 18 Dec 2012 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Total time slept: 7:54 hours


Sleep 1

23:13 to 02:15

(3:02 hours)

Last night I didn't get hungry until late, so I ended up eating a salad at 10:00pm, followed by some bourbon biscuits. I went to bed just after 11:00pm and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Just after 2:00am I woke up naturally, and felt wide awake. At first I tried to go back to sleep, but after about 10 minutes of laying in bed I realised there was no way I was going back to sleep so I got up. I'm not sure what time I'll go back to bed again!

I guess most people would be worried, and would lay in bed for the rest of the night thinking they have some kind of sleep disorder. I am sitting in the study in the dark, with the brightness turned all of the way down on my Mac and the colour settings changed to make the light from the monitor come out orange (using f.lux). I guess I will just see what happens.

Sleep 2

03:32 to 04:01

(0:28 hours)

I didn't sleep at all

I tried to go back to sleep at 3:30 but it turned out that I still want tired. After laying in bed with my eyes closed for half an hour I decided that my body obviously doesn't want to sleep at the moment and got back up.

I have absolutely no idea what time I will need to nap today but I am working from home so I guess it doesn't matter too much...

Sleep 3

05:30 to 07:40

(2:10 hours)

This time I did manage to sleep. It took me a while to get back to sleep, probably about 15 minutes, and when my alarm went off 2 hours later I was still tired and snoozed it for 10 minutes. The weird thing is that it felt a lot longer than 10 minutes and I had a long and complicated dream in that time.

I felt like I could have slept longer, but I am already starting to wake up now. Hopefully I can survive until my nap!

Sleep 4

14:05 to 16:33

(2:28 hours)

Today I worked from home, so I made sure I had finished my 7 hours work by 2:00pm so that I could go for an early nap. I fell asleep relatively quickly, but I think I woke up after about half an hour. I decided this was way to short and went back to sleep, which took a little while.

When I woke up the second time I had been sleeping for a total of 2.5 hours, and I woke up from a dream, although I can't remember it any more.

Sleep 5

22:59 to 05:00

(6:00 hours)

Not much to report: I fell asleep quickly, and then woke up easily.