dream Dream: Sunday 09 September 2018 05:50

Trying to Eat Out

Tags: Yu Lee

This was a very vivid dream.

Pizza Express

The first thing I remember is arriving at Pizza Express, although it was a different Pizza Express to the one we normally go to. Link wasn't with us, and I remember thinking that he was sleeping at home, but it was ok because we'd brought the baby monitor with us!

We ordered our food, and mine arrived, but Yu Lee received the wrong pizza. She sent hers back and I ate mine.

After quite a long wait Yu Lee still hadn't received her food, so she got the waitress' attention and asked where her food was. The waitress apologised and disappeared back into the kitchen.

A few minutes later a lesbian looking woman with short hair arrived at our table with a plate of food. She was not dressed like the other waitresses, and explained that she works in the kitchen, and that the waitress hadn't written her order down on the right slip of paper and so it had been forgotten. She was very apologetic and spoke a lot less eloquently than the serving staff, and had a very working class way about her speech.

The lady put the plate down in front of Yu Lee, and it had a large flatbread pocket filled with pizza topping on it. Yu Lee started to explain that this also wasn't quite right, and the lady's face expression changed as if to say "what's wrong now?" Yu Lee explained that she'd ordered the ham and cheese pizza (it had a funny Italian name that I don't remember), but this is not a pizza. The lady told her that the waitress didn't specify whether it was the normal pizza or the wrap so she just guessed. The lady went back into the kitchen with the plate of food.

After the lady left again I studied the menu and there was no flatbread option for the cheese and ham pizza.

After waiting again for a while, another plate of food turned up. This time it had 2 large slices of pizza on it, but had very little toppings and no cheese. Yu Lee was getting very fed up now and when she complained that this still wasn't right the waiting staff were expecting it and took it straight away again without any kind of argument.

Eventually another lady came out who turned out to be some kind of manager. She apologised and gave Yu Lee a cheque for the price of her half of the order. It was becoming clear to us that they were not capable of producing the correct dish for Yu Lee and so we accepted the refund and left.

The Café

We were outside now and it was dark. I had taken my shoes off in the restaurant, and was now taking shoes out of my bag and struggling to put them on in the dark, while we talked about where we could go to get Yu Lee some food. I was very aware that Link had been at home on his own for a while, so I suggested that we needed to go somewhere that was going to be quick. Yu Lee said she knew a cafe so we decided to head over there.

By this point I'd managed to get my left shoe on and was fumbling in my bag, trying to find the other one. I pull out another left shoe, and continued my search, and finally found another shoe and took a long time clumsily putting it on. A short while later, under a streetlight, I realised I had two left shoes on, but we decided to head to the cafe and try to rectify it there where there was more light.

When we got to the cafe, it was a weird place which only had outdoor seating. It was dark outside, but the cafe was adequately lit so we decided to stay.

Yu Lee went up to the man at the till and asked about ordering food and he assured her that the kitchen was still open. He also said we should talk to his wife about the menu, and then he called her over.

We were sitting at a table now, and the man's wife was talking to us. The menu was really complicated, and as she was explaining it to us she kept getting sidetracked. She asked where we were from and I said that originally my wife was from London, and she said "right, so after living in London you moved to Australia or Canada?"

The conversation was getting weird and the lady had a very uncomfortable, rambly way of talking where she would excitedly go of on tangents and never get to the point she'd set out to make.

Yu Lee said something about how her mum was from Malaysia and the woman got really excited and started going on about how in Malaysia they were really good with needles. She then pulled what looked like a small knitting needle out of her pocket and stuck it through her wrist and started to wiggle it about!

Yu Lee was speechless, and we ended the conversation as quickly as possible and left without ever ordering any food.

The Pub

After we left the cafe we decided to go to a nearby pub. Neither of us had every been there before, and when we got inside it was very noisy and smokey, and lots of people were smoking. The place stunk of old spilled beer.

We made our way to the bar and Yu Lee told me she didn't know what to order. I told her to just ask if they are still doing food and then order a burger. When the lady at the bar asked what we wanted Yu Lee said "Can I have a burger a chips please?"

I added that we wanted take-away and the lady took our money and moved on to the next customer. A person standing on our side of the bar handed Yu Lee a brown paper bag and said it was to put her food in.

We waiting for a little while. Although it was loud and smelly, the people the pub were entertaining to watch and it was actually quite fun. At one point someone started talking to us and asking about Link, and I got confused about whether he was 24 years or 24 months old (in real life he is 15 months old),

After a short wait, Yu Lee's food came out. She opened up the burger and there was no cheese inside, so she got the barmaid's attention and asked her more cheese. Yu Lee was obviously getting fed up by this point and she was quite rude about it. I remember thinking that she should be careful otherwise they may spit in her food!

The burger had initially come out of the kitchen quite quickly, but now that we were waiting for the cheese it was taking a long time. Whilst we were waiting my alarm went off and the dream ended without Yu Lee ever getting anything to eat!

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