dream Dream: Saturday 15 April 2023 14:39

Meeting Her Family

In this dream I was younger than I am now, probably in my twenties. I was seeing a girl and in the dream I was meeting her family for the first time.

I don't remember meeting her parents at all, but she had sisters who were a bit crazy. She was shy and geeky but her sisters were the exact opposite. At one point I went outside to do something and her 15 year old sister decided to steal her mum's car and go for a drive! I somehow managed to talk her into stopping and getting out of the car and de-escalated the situation.

I felt like the whole day was intense and kind of stressful, but that I was managing ok and they seemed to like me so everything was good.

Later we were inside watching TV with her family. I was sitting on a very deep arm chair, and kind of slouching in my chair, and she was sitting on my lap, almost laying back on me. I had my hands out in front of me and she was gently stroking the palms of my hands with her fingers. It was really subtle, but it felt amazing to sit there with her. I suddenly felt this intense feeling of endorphins being released, like the most intense feeling of falling in love. It was absolutely overwhelming and caused me to wake up.

The whole dream felt really intense, and the feelings I experienced at the end of dream felt wonderful. In the dream I felt free, with no obligations, like I was doing exactly what I wanted and that there were no expectations of me at all. I laid in bed for about 20 minutes afterwards, coming back down to reality.

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