dream Dream: Friday 26 February 2021 08:51

Toilet Mishaps at Yoga Lessons

I dreamt that I was having a yoga lesson. It was in a school, and none of the students were there because of the Covid lockdown.

I arrived in the classroom and I don't remember any other people being there apart from the teacher who was a woman who looked about 60 years old. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom and she pointed me in the right direction but it took me a while to find them.

When I found the toilet it was very weird. It was open and from the toilet I could see (and be seen by) a table where a man and woman were eating their lunch! I left and looked for another toilet but in the end I returned as I had no other option.

I went to pee but then I realised I actually needed to poo and sat down on a toilet in clear view of the table. I was doing my business and it was a lot so I thought I'd better flush halfway through to avoid blocking it. I flushed while I was sitting on the toilet and suddenly I felt very wet. I looked down and the toilet was overflowing and there was shit all over my legs and trousers.

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